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DSST Exams

By passing DSST (also known as Dantes) examinations, students can obtain course units in a wide range of subjects without the coursework and tuition required for the traditional semester class.

Over 1200 colleges and universities accept DSST exams. Check with your school for eligibility.

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Access the largest collection of DSST course modules, practice exams, trivia questions, game shows, digital flashcards, and more.  

DSST Course Modules


Our course modules are designed around official DSST exam outlines. 


We ensure that students study suitable materials and have the best chance of passing their exams.

DSST Practice Exams


Access unlimited DSST practice exams. 

Identify topics or concepts you're struggling with and then review them more thoroughly.

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Our flashcards are an effective way to learn and remember essential terms and definitions.


Your memory will improve with every card you swipe through.

DSST Trivia Games 


Do you enjoy trivia questions and game shows?


Our proprietary trivia questions and game shows will help you prepare for your exam and have fun simultaneously!

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Lucasta Marianne

Substance Abuse, 431 

I was thrilled with the purchase of this course! The practice exams were a huge help! I have already recommended the DSST program to my classmates. 

Barbora Quiteria

Health and Human Development, 471

Buying this course was a no-brainer for me. I knew I needed help, and this company was recommended by many of my peers. I am so glad I didn't waste money or time on another study site or attempt to do this alone.

Isa Nuadu

Art of the Western World, 412

I tried to study on my own the first time around, but I became overwhelmed with the amount of information. I am truly grateful for this prep course. It helped me pinpoint what I needed to focus on to pass my exam.

Anne Oisín

Introduction to World Religions, 477

I felt fully prepared to take my exam. After this course, I can tell you that every lesson counted towards my passing score.