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University of Arizona Students: Save $14,000 Per Year with DSST Exams

Updated: Apr 8

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University of Arizona

Are you currently studying at the University of Arizona (UArizona), or are you planning to enroll as a student?

This article will inform prospective and current Wildcats on earning college credit and testing out of general education courses.

DSST exams, also known as DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, allow students to earn college credit by passing one final exam. 

DSST exams test students’ comprehension of college-level subjects obtained inside and outside a traditional classroom. 

The University of Arizona acknowledges the value of DSST exams, as they can satisfy general education requirements for both on-campus and online students.


Table of Contents 


Top Three Benefits of DSST Exams for University of Arizona Students

Student watching U of A Graduation.

DSST Exams

We have helped University of Arizona students save time and money by passing their DSST exams and earning college credits toward an undergraduate degree.

Read below and discover the top three advantages of DSST exams for University of Arizona students. 


1. Save Money on Tuition and Reduce Your Student Debt

Student looking studying tuition at U of A.

DSST Exams: Your Key to Affordable Education

The University of Arizona recognizes that attending college is a considerable financial investment and accepts DSST exams to award credits toward an undergraduate degree.

The cost of attending the University of Arizona varies based on factors such as residency, tuition, fees, course materials, living expenses, travel, and other student expenses.

The average estimated annual cost of attending the University of Arizona as an undergraduate student varies between $22,850.00 (resident) and $58,200.00 (non-resident).

With annual tuition and fees stemming at $41,000.00, non-resident students can benefit from the cost savings of DSST exams.

Cost of attendance to attend University of Arizona.


Main Campus Undergraduate Tuition Per Semester Hour 

The tuition per semester hour at the University of Arizona main campus costs between $500.00 and $600.00.

Source: University of Arizona Tuition Calculator


University of Arizona Tuition Versus DSST Exam Fees 

University of Arizona's homepage displayed on Apple desktop computer.

Save Money With DSST Exams

Most undergraduate general education classes are structured as three (3) semester-hour units. 

Now, let’s compare the approximate cost of a 3-semester-hour unit class at the University of Arizona to the cost of taking an equivalent 3-semester-hour unit DSST exam.


Unit Type

Cost per Unit

Number of Units

Total Cost

University of Arizona Tuition:

Undergraduate General Elective Class


$500.00 (1 unit)



DSST Exam Fee:



$100.00 (3 units)



One Undergraduate General Elective Class at the University of Arizona:

  • $500.00 (semester-hour) x 3 semester-hour units = $1,500.00 

One DSST exam awards credit for three (3) semester-hour units.

  • Regardless of residency status, a non-refundable $100.00 test fee is required to take the exam.

A full-time course load schedule for an UArizona undergraduate student is comprised of 15 units (5 classes) per semester. 

Let's Review Your Potential Savings

Student holding ten one hundred dollar bills from DSST exam savings.

Scroll through the table below.



Unit Cost (3)

Number of Classes


DSST Exam Fees

Total Cost

Savings with DSST exams

University of Arizona







DSST Exams







Savings with DSST exams



Utilizing DSST exams, a full-time student at the University of Arizona can save $7,000.00 per semester ($14,000 yearly).  

2. Graduate Faster with Convenience and Ease

Desktop image of University of Arizona website.

Minimize Your Time in College with DSST Exams

Students can take their general education courses at the University of Arizona; however, you’ll pay a premium with time and money.

Additionally, you can take your general education courses at a community college and transfer them to the University of Arizona, but that’s time-consuming.

A better option is to take one final DSST exam and test out of your introductory courses.  

Rather than enrolling in monthly semester-long classes, DSST exams potentially allow motivated students to earn college credits within weeks.

DSST exams allow you to study independently and test out once you feel adequately prepared to pass. 

This allows students to move directly into their upper-division classes faster.

By leveraging DSST exams, students can test out of 60 units (two years) worth of general education and elective courses at a fraction of the cost.

Here are the classes for which students may receive DSST credit and the examination articulation guidelines determining how credits are counted toward General Education requirements at the University of Arizona.  

DSST Exams and Articulation Guidelines at the University of Arizona (UA)

Articulation Guidelines at the University of Arizona (UA)

Contact a University of Arizona academic advisor to verify course credits apply to your program.

DSST Course Exam

General Education

UA Course Credit

DSST Course Credit

A History of the Vietnam War


Elective credit

3 units

T2 Arts


3 units


Elective credit

3 units



3 units


Elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units


TLS departmental elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units


CYBV departmental elective credit

3 units


FSHD departmental elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units

T1 Individuals & Societies

GEOG 150B1

3 units


GEOS 170A1

3 units


Elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units



3 units


LDRV departmental elective credit

3 units


Elective credit

3 units

Pro Tip: 

College unit credits earned by passing DSST exams (and other exams) cannot exceed 60 units for a baccalaureate degree.

Before taking any DSST exam, you MUST contact your University of Arizona academic advisor to discuss your options and confirm course credit for specific programs. 

Once you have confirmed approval to proceed, please view our list of online DSST examination preparation courses to jump-start your studies and take a free practice test to acquaint yourself with the testing format.   


You must verify with your academic advisor that you are not duplicating previous coursework and clarify how DSST exams align with your degree course plan.

3. Maintain Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Student graduating at University of Arizona.

Ensuring Your GPA Stays High

The University of Arizona accepts DSST passing scores for college credit. 

Failing scores are not counted toward your GPA.

If you fail to pass an exam on the first attempt, you may retest after every 30 days until you successfully pass.   

DSST exams are designed to test the existing knowledge and mastery of college-level subject matter acquired outside of a formal classroom setting through self-study or work experience. 

DSST exams typically contain 100 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices and an opportunity to score between 200 and 500 points. 

To receive a passing score of 400 points or higher for college credit, a test-taker must correctly answer approximately 58% to 62% of the exam questions. 

This lenient scoring criterion makes DSST exams a favorable option for standardized test-takers. 

DSST exams will not negatively affect your GPA.

University of Arizona DSST Test Center 

Student looking at University of Arizona testing office website.

Exam Scheduling and Registration

The University of Arizona is committed to providing a convenient and accessible location for students and the general public to take DSST exams.

The university's Testing Office, located on campus, administers proctored exams to accommodate those seeking to earn college credit through DSST exams.

The Testing Office offers a secure and proctored environment for individuals to complete their exams, ensuring a smooth and efficient testing experience.

The University of Arizona is committed to accommodating students to take DSST exams and administers proctored exams at the Testing Office on campus located at:

University Services Annex  

220 W. 6th Street (85721)

Building B - Room B116

Tucson, AZ  85721

Contact: (520) 621-7589

Office Hours: Monday - Friday:   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The DSST exam fee is $100.00, and an additional non-transferable and non-refundable $50.00 Administration Fee is required for registration.   


Pro Tip:

Please note that an extra administration fee of $50.00 will be charged if you choose to take your DSST exam at the test center situated on the University of Arizona campus. 

However, if you take your exam off-campus at a Prometric test center or take it online remotely, you will only have to pay the standard DSST exam fee of $100.00.

After the $50.00 administration fee has been paid, contact the University of Arizona Testing Office at (520) 621-7589 to schedule an appointment.  

University of Arizona: Test Day


University of Arizona Testing office DSST exam administrative fees.

University of Arizona Test Day Tips for Optimal Performance

On your test day, you will purchase the DSST exam for $100 on a Testing Office computer with your credit card.   

All test takers are required to provide a valid government-issued ID that contains both a photograph and signature. 

Military Members: DANTES-funded eligible military test takers must provide a valid Common Access Card (CAC). 

For more details, call (520) 621-7589, or email ( for additional information.

Prometric Test Centers in Arizona

Prometric Test centers in Arizona.

DSST Exam Test Centers

Prometric Test Sites in Arizona


Take Your DSST Exam Remotely With Prometric

  • Take Your DSST Exam Online Remotely Through Prometric.

  • Schedule your DSST exam remotely from the comfort of your home and be monitored by a live proctor.


How Will The University of Arizona Receive My DSST Exam Results?

Student viewing University of Arizona website and graduation.

Understanding DSST Exam Result Delivery for University of Arizona Students

How you receive your DSST exam results at the University of Arizona depends on your location.

You have two primary options for taking the exam:

  • On campus with the University of Arizona

  • At a local Prometric Test Center

Let's explore both options.


Testing at the University of Arizona: Registration and Score Results

Desktop of Prometric DSST exam platform.

Test Registration Process

Exam registration and proctoring at the University of Arizona is facilitated through Prometric TC Net.

To ensure that your exam results are properly sent to the University, you must enter the Institutional Score Report Code (9350) during registration.

After taking the exam, the University of Arizona typically receives your results within 90 days.

The Institutional Score Report Code for the University of Arizona is 9350. 

Testing at a Prometric Test Center: Registration and Score Results

Prometric DSST college student registration.

Prometric Test Center For DSST Exams

If you choose to take the exam at a Prometric test center, the registration process does not include a field for entering the Institutional Score Report Code.

To ensure your exam results are sent to the University of Arizona, you must contact Prometric within three days of completing your DSST exam and provide them with your Institutional Score Report Code (9350).

Once Prometric receives this code, they will forward your exam results to the University of Arizona.

Prometric's Contact Information:

Phone: 1 (877)-471-9860

For more information, please refer to the article:

After completing your DSST exam, you must contact Prometric and provide them with your Institutional Score Report Code (9350) within three days.

How Do I Get Started?

Desktop image of University of Arizona Global Campus website.

Getting Started with DSST Exams at the University of Arizona

Consult with Your Academic Advisor: 

Discuss your eligibility for DSST exams with your academic advisor.

They can provide valuable insights into which exams align with your degree program and can help you earn credits efficiently.

Study for Your Exam: 

Once you've identified your eligible exams, dedicate ample time to studying.

Schedule Your Exam: 

After adequate preparation, schedule your final exam.

Depending on your convenience and location, you can take it at the University of Arizona Test Site or a nearby Prometric Test Center.

Pass Your Exam and Reap the Benefits:

Successfully passing your DSST exam can lead to significant savings on tuition fees and expedite your path to graduation.

By earning credits through DSST exams, you can reduce the number of courses required for your degree, saving time and money.

By following these steps, you can efficiently navigate the process of taking DSST exams at the University of Arizona and accelerate your academic journey.


Office of Admissions and New Student Enrollment

Tablet of the University of Arizona Office of Admissions.

Reaching Out for DSST Exam Information

For further information regarding DSST exams at the University of Arizona, contact:

Office of Admissions and New Student Enrollment

The University of Arizona

PO Box 210040

Tucson, AZ 85721-0040

Phone: (520) 621-3237

Feel free to contact their office for any inquiries or assistance regarding DSST exams and their administration at the University of Arizona.



University of Arizona Home Page

Final Thoughts

DSST exams at the University of Arizona present an innovative and cost-effective solution for students looking to fast-track their degrees, save on tuition, and maintain a stellar GPA. 

With the flexibility to test out of general education courses, Wildcats can strategically leverage DSST exams to streamline their academic journey. 

The financial advantages and the convenience of self-paced study and testing make DSST exams compelling for those seeking an efficient and affordable path to graduation. 

As the University of Arizona embraces this credit-earning opportunity, students can confidently explore DSST exams to unlock a faster, more economical, and academically successful collegiate experience. 

Optimize your educational path and explore the benefits of DSST exams – an innovative and strategic choice for University of Arizona students.


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