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University of South Florida Students: Save $24,375.45 in Tuition with DSST Exams

Updated: May 30

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Graduate Faster: How DSST Exams Can Save You Time and Money at the University of South Florida

If you have been considering attending the University of South Florida (USF) or currently are enrolled as a student, did you know that you can earn up to 45 undergraduate semester units towards your degree with DSST exams?    

DSST exams (formerly DANTES [Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support] Subject Standardized Tests) represent a national standardized testing approach that allows students to demonstrate their comprehension of specific subjects by successfully passing a single comprehensive exam. 

The University of South Florida recognizes various pathways to learning and encourages students to leverage DSST exams for cost-effective tuition management to expedite their progress toward graduation.

This comprehensive guide will enlighten prospective and existing students on how to utilize DSST exams as an option to test out of general education courses and earn college credits.


DSST Exams at USF

University of South Florida Credit By Exam Equivalents

DSST (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests)

DSST exams offer credit-by-examination to evaluate students' understanding of college-level topics acquired through conventional and non-traditional learning environments. 

Rather than attending a semester-long class, DSST exams empower students to demonstrate mastery of a particular subject by successfully passing a final examination. 

This adaptable approach enables students to showcase proficiency in specific general education subjects without the obligation of traditional classroom attendance, offering an opportunity to save both time and money.

By leveraging DSST exams, busy students and working professionals can independently study and select an exam date when they feel adequately prepared. 

Highly motivated students can utilize DSST exams as a strategic means to expedite the completion of up to 15 undergraduate courses (45 units) to fulfill general education requirements and accelerate the transition into upper-division coursework at the University of South Florida.

DSST exams allow students to test out of courses and accelerate their studies to acquire college credit.  

University of South Florida Tuition Versus DSST Exam Fees 

University of South Florida Tuition Credit per Hour Fees

Download PDF • 285KB


Cost of Attendance

The University of South Florida recognizes the substantial financial investment of pursuing a college education and embraces DSST exams as a valuable method for students to earn credits and shorten the time required to complete a baccalaureate degree. 

The total tuition expenses associated with attending the University of South Florida include residency, administrative fees, course level and campus, course materials, living expenses, travel, and additional student-related costs. 


3 Semester Units Vs. DSST Exam Fees

Most undergraduate general education classes are structured as three (3) semester-hour units. 

Let’s compare the approximate cost of a 3-semester-hour unit course at the University of South Florida to the cost of taking an equivalent 3-semester-hour unit DSST exam.

Scroll through the table below.


Unit Type

Cost per Units

Number of Units

Total Cost

Total Savings

University of South Florida Tuition:

Undergraduate General Elective Class


$211.19 (1 unit) *



DSST Exam Fees:



$100.00 (3 units)



Total Savings with DSST Exams


*Non-Florida Resident tuition is $575.01 per credit hour. The fee schedule is subject to change within the guidelines approved by the Florida Legislature.


3 Units - DSST Exam Savings

One Resident General Elective Class at the University of South Florida:

  • $211.19 (semester-hour) x 3 semester-hour units = $633.57

 One Non-Resident General Elective Class at the University of South Florida:

  • $575.01 (semester-hour) x 3 semester-hour units = $1,725.03

Passing one DSST exam awards credit for three (3) semester-hour units.

  • Regardless of residency status, a non-refundable $100.00 test fee is required to take the exam.

Resident students at the University of South Florida will save $533.57 in tuition costs for one 3-semester-hour unit course by testing out with DSST exams.
Non-resident students can save $1,625.03 per 3-semester-hour course.

15 Semester Units Vs. DSST Exam Fees

Scroll through the tables below.



Cost Per Unit

Number of Classes


DSST Exam Fees

Total Cost

Total Savings

University of South Florida







DSST Exams







Total Savings with DSST Exams



15 Units - DSST Exam Savings

A full-time course schedule for undergraduate students typically comprises 15 units (5 classes) per semester.

Resident students will save over $2,667.85 in tuition costs at the University of South Florida.
Non-resident students can save $8,125.15.


45 Semester Units Vs. DSST Exam Fees


Semester - Units

Cost Per Unit

Number of Classes


DSST Exam Fees

Total Cost

Total Savings

University of South Florida







DSST Exams







Total Savings with DSST Exams



45 Units - DSST Exam Savings

Passing DSST exams at the University of South Florida can allow students to obtain up to 45 college credit units (15 classes) toward a baccalaureate degree.

By utilizing DSST exams, resident students could save $8,003.55 in tuition costs and graduate 18 months faster.
Non-resident students could save over $24,375.45 in tuition and fees.

Which Courses Can I Test Out Of?

University of South Florida DSST Exam Page


Students can earn college credits by completing an equivalent DSST subject exam, as outlined in the table below. 


USF: DSST Exams Articulation Guidelines

DSST Course Exam

USF Equivalent Course

DSST Course Credit

AMH 2059

3 units

ARH 2000

3 units

AST 2002

3 units

GEB 2441

3 units

Business Mathematics

QMB 2001

3 units

CGS 2060

3 units

CCJ 2020

3 units

EVR 2001

3 units

PHI 2603

3 units

EDF 2002

3 units

Fundamentals of College Algebra

MAC 1105

3 units

PCO 2202

3 units

CIS 2350

3 units

ANT 2000

3 units

HSC 2100

3 units

EUH 2066

3 units

MAN 2300

3 units

GEB 2011

3 units

GEO 2400

3 units

GYL 1010

3 units

CCJ 2100

3 units

REL 2300

3 units

DEP 2004

3 units

ISM 2000

3 units

Math for Liberal Arts

MGF 1106

3 units

BAN 1501

3 units

INP 2002

3 units

FIN 2100

3 units

ENC 1101

3 units

FIN 2000

3 units

SPC 2608

3 units

Principles of Statistics

STA 1014

3 units

MNA 1345

3 units

HSC 2140

3 units

ENC 2210

3 units

AMH 1056

3 units

Pro Tip: College credits earned by passing DSST exams at USF cannot exceed 45 units (15 courses) for a baccalaureate degree.

University of South Florida: Academic Advisors

University of South Florida Academic Success Coaching


Academic Planning and Success

We highly recommend contacting your academic counselor for further information regarding transferring DSST credits to the University of South Florida. 

New Bulls - First Year & Transfer Students: Please refer to your Orientation materials and MyBullsPath for more information about how to begin your academic advising experience at USF.

Continuing Students: Please visit Archivum appointment scheduling to schedule an appointment or to access the virtual drop-in portal for your academic college. Appointment and drop-in availability vary by location—visit the location webpage for more details.


College Advising Offices

Tampa Campus

Office: FAH 120

Front Desk Support Office: Behavioral Sciences Building (BEH) 201

Phone: 813-974-6957

General Questions:

Office: MHC 1143

Phone: 813-974-8441/ Email:

Office: BSN 2102

Phone: 813-974-4290 / Email: 

Office: EDU 106

Phone: 813-974-2979 / Email: 

Office: ENC 1302

Phone: 813-974-2684

Office: MDA 1002

Phone: 813-974-6383 / Online Contact Form

Office: The WELL - USF Health Shared Student Services (MDA)

Phone: 813-974-4633

Undergraduate Advising (Health Sciences and Public Health Majors):

Office: ALN 241

Phone: 813-974-3087

Office: SVC 2002

Phone: 813-974-4051

Exploratory Program majors:

General Studies (BGS) majors:

Applied Sciences (BSAS) majors: 


St. Petersburg Campus

Phone: 727-873-4511

Office: Davis Hall (DAV) 287

General Questions:

Sarasota-Manatee Campus

Phone: 941-359-4330

Before taking any DSST exam, it's crucial to contact your academic advisor to confirm and the course credits apply to your degree program.

Maintain Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

University of South Florida Student Graduation

Protect Your GPA with DSST Exams

DSST exams with 400 points or higher passing scores are awarded college credit at the University of South Florida.

The best part?

The credit is denoted as a "P" (Pass) grade, ensuring that unsuccessful attempts do not impact your GPA.

If you don't achieve a passing score on your first try, don't worry!

You have the opportunity to retest every 30 days until you succeed.

DSST exams are designed to evaluate your proficiency in college-level subject matter acquired through self-study or practical experience outside traditional classroom settings.

Exam Format and Scoring

DSST exams consist of 100 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices, scoring 200 to 500 points.

To achieve a passing score of 400 points or higher, you must accurately answer approximately 58% to 62% of the exam questions.

This lenient scoring criterion makes DSST exams appealing for students comfortable with standardized testing.

DSST exams offer a low-risk, high-reward opportunity and don't affect your GPA.

Where Can I Take My DSST Exam?

USF's DSST test center proctor assisting a student.

Three Testing Options

You have three choices for where to take your DSST exam:

  1. At USF's test center.

  2. At a Prometric test center.

  3. Remotely online with Prometric.

Let's discuss all three testing options and learn how USF will receive your DSST exam results.

USF: Campus Test Centers And Registration Process

University of South Florida Test Center Registration Process


Convenient DSST Testing at the University of South Florida

USF is committed to supporting students on their path to academic success.

The University of South Florida provides testing services, which is committed to providing quality testing services to university students, faculty, and community members. 

USF provides on-campus testing for DSST exams to everyone.

USF: DSST Registration and Exam Fees

University of South Florida Tests Services

Tests Services

The total cost of DSST exams is $138.50, divided into a non-refundable and non-transferrable $38.50 test center Procter fee (credit or debit card) payable to the University of South Florida and a $100 exam voucher (credit or debit card) payable to Prometric on exam day. 

If you wish to take your DSST exam at the University of South Florida testing center, you must first register with the DSST Prometric website to create an account.

USF: DSST Score Results

Prometric DSST test registration screen
USF Test Center: DSST Exam Registration

Test Day

On the day of your exam, you must register for your DSST exam at the test center and input

USF's 4-digit Institutional Score Recipient Code.

Entering the correct Institutional Score Report Code will ensure that a complimentary transcript of your exam score is sent to the University of South Florida.


USF's Institutional Score Report Recipient Code

Prometric DSST Score Report Code Tutorial Showing where to input the school code.
Enter USF's Institutional Score Report Recipient code (7917).

Score Report Code

Failure to enter the correct Institutional Score Report Code for your school will delay the transmittal of your exam results and may result in an additional cost for a transcript.

The Institutional Score Report Recipient Code for the University of South Florida is 7917.

Failure to enter the correct 4-digit Institutional Score Report Code will delay the transmittal of an official score report to your school, and DSST Prometric will charge a $30 transcript fee to send scores.

Examinees should register at least one business day in advance. Walk-ins are not permitted.

You must enter the correct Institutional Score Report Code to ensure your official score report is sent directly to Florida Atlantic University.

 In the case of a retake, there is a mandatory waiting period of 30 calendar days, starting from the day after the initial test date. 

On the day of your exam, you must register at the test center and enter USF's 4-digit Institutional Score Recipient Code (7917), which ensures that USF receives your exam results.

USF: Testing Services

University of South Florida Testing Services Directions and Parking

Test Site

Northwest Education Complex (NEC)

3220 USF Banyan Circle (corner of Bruce B. Downs Blvd. and E. Fletcher Ave.)

Tampa, FL 33613

Office Hours: By Appointment Only

Monday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday | 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Tel: (813) 974-2742

Fax: (813)974-8112

You must email your registration confirmation/admission ticket to the University of South Florida testing center at before your scheduled exam date.

USF: Rescheduling and Retest Policies

University of South Florida Test Center Map

Source: Directions

Rescheduling Your Exam

Appointments may be rescheduled up to 1 day before your test date for a $18.50 fee.

The fee to reschedule fee must be paid online.

Missed appointments will require full repayment of the $100 DSST exam fee.

In the event of an unsuccessful attempt to pass a DSST exam, test-takers must wait one month (30 calendar days) from their last test date to retest on the same DSST title.

Any attempts to retest on the same title in less than the specified time will automatically generate an Invalid Score Report, and all test fees will be forfeited. The test-taker must then wait an additional 90 calendar days to retest

Disability Services

Test takers who require special accommodations based on a documented disability must call 1-800-967-1139 to complete the special accommodations request form. Requests with appropriate documentation must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the selected test date.


University of South Florida Test Center And Exam Details

On exam day, all test takers must check in at least 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment test time.

Late arrivals will not be admitted. 

Participants must present a non-expired government-issued ID containing a current photo and signature (driver's license, state-issued identification card, passport, or military/tribal identification card) that matches the name used during registration. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Test takers must pay Prometric the $100 exam fee, which can be paid only by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express).

DSST exams last 90 minutes. However, examinees should allocate at least 2 hours and fifteen minutes (including the check-in process) for the entire appointment. 

Please be advised that the following items are prohibited in the testing lab:

  • No electronic devices (mobile phones, smart watches/glasses, tablets, laptops, tablets)

  • No hats, sunglasses, loose jewelry, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, coats, or outerwear 

  • No snacks or drinks

  • No bags or other personal effects of any kind

All other personal items must be left in a vehicle or at home.


Prometric Test Centers: Registration Process

Image of Prometric's Test Center Registration Process
Registration Page: Registering for your exam at Prometric test center.

Prometric DSST Test Centers

As mentioned, you can take your DSST exam at USF or a Prometric test center.

When enrolling for a DSST exam with Prometric, you can choose between two options:

1. Attend the exam at a physical Prometric brick-and-mortar test center.

2. Opt for a remote exam through Prometric.

Each option has its own advantages, and you can easily schedule your exam online for added convenience.

Prometric test centers are conveniently located across the United States, offering flexibility in scheduling and taking your DSST exam.

Pro Tip:

If you take your exam at a Prometric test center (or online remotely), you'll only pay the $100.00 DSST exam fee.

Most Prometric test centers don't charge an additional registration fee.


Prometric Test Centers: Take Your DSST Exam in Person

A proctor and student at a Prometric Test center.

In-Person Assistance

To schedule and register for your DSST exam in person, you must first locate a nearby testing center and reserve your appointment online.

Arrive Early

On the day of your exam, to ensure a smooth check-in process, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early with proper forms of required identification.


For a list of Prometric test centers, click here.

Prometric Remote Proctoring: Take Your DSST Exam Online

A student taking his DSST exam online remotely.

Take Your Exam Online

Experience the convenience of taking your DSST exam remotely from your personal computer.

A live proctor will monitor you throughout your exam, ensuring a secure testing environment.

Schedule your reservation, sign up for your DSST exam from the comfort of your home, and pick the subject you'd like to test in.

You can choose a suitable test date and pay the exam fee online. This straightforward process puts you in control of your testing experience.

Refer to our post below for detailed instructions on scheduling and taking your exam remotely.


Prometric Test Centers: How Will USF Receive My DSST Exam Results?

A DSST Transcript of Our Student's Passing Results: DSST A History of the Vietnam War
Our Student's Passing Results: DSST A History of the Vietnam War

You Must Follow Up with Prometric

Whether you opt for an online or in-person DSST exam, knowing your college or university's 4-digit school code and representing the Institutional Score Recipient Code is essential.

As discussed earlier, USF will receive a complimentary copy of your exam scores from Prometric using their designated institution's 4-digit score recipient code.

Prometric will send your score report directly to USF for free.

The processing time for USF to receive the score report ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

Once USF receives your score report, they will apply your units toward your degree program.

Remember, the 4-digit Institutional Score Report Recipient Code for the University of South Florida is 7917.

Contact Prometric

Currently, Prometric doesn't allow you to input your Institutional Score Recipient Code during registration.

Until this feature is available, you must contact them directly for assistance.

Be sure to contact Prometric within two days after taking your exam and provide them with your four-digit institutional score recipient code. 



Contact Prometric at:

Toll Free: 1-877-471-9860


Pro Tip: To expedite the processing of your college credits, contact Prometric two days after your exam, providing them with USF's Institutional Score Recipient Code (7917).
Each time you take a DSST exam, ensure to provide your 4-digit code to Prometric if you wish for your institution to receive your exam results.

How Do I Get Started with DSST Exams?

Student studying for his DSST exams with DSST TEST PREP's online preparation courses..

Getting Started with DSST Exams

Consult with your University of South Florida academic advisor to confirm which DSST exams are eligible for your degree requirements.

Study for your DSST exam.

Schedule your final exam with Prometric.

Successfully pass your DSST exam, save money on tuition, and graduate sooner.



University of South Florida graduation ceremony

The University of South Florida provides a forward-thinking, progressive option where students may shorten the time required to complete a baccalaureate degree with DSST credit-by-examination.

DSST exams offer an innovative and cost-effective solution for students who wish to expedite their degree requirements, minimize tuition expenses, and maintain a high GPA.

The flexibility provided by DSST exams allows students to efficiently navigate through general education courses, streamlining their academic path without sitting through an entire semester-long class. 

The financial advantages and the convenience of self-paced study and testing make DSST exams enticing for students seeking a strategically effective and economically affordable pathway to graduation.

With the University of South Florida fully embracing this credit-earning opportunity, students are encouraged to confidently utilize DSST exams for an accelerated and enhanced collegiate experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us at; we'll gladly assist you.


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