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How Many Questions Must I Answer Correctly to Pass My DSST Exam?

Updated: Apr 9

DSST Exam Scoring 101 Guide

DSST Exams: Passing Criteria

Are you gearing up for your DSST Exam and wondering about the passing criteria?

Understanding the score requirements is essential for adequate exam preparation.

In this guide, we delve into the question that's on the mind of many DSST test-takers: How many questions do I need to answer correctly to pass my DSST Exam?

We'll explain the scoring system, explore factors influencing passing scores, and provide tips to help you succeed on your DSST journey.

Let's dive in and demystify the passing criteria for DSST Exams.


Table of Contents


Understanding the DSST Scoring Process

Two females discussing the DSST Scoring Process.

DSST Scoring System

DSST exams offer a straightforward and transparent scoring system that differentiates them from other standardized tests.

DSST exams use the "criterion-referenced" method to establish a passing score, which means a passing score is based on your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

This process is a significant advantage for test-takers because a passing score is established upon merit rather than the performance of other test-takers.

Other standardized tests, like the Advanced Placement (AP) and the CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exams, establish a passing score that is weighed against the performance of other test-takers.

DSST exams are designed for students to demonstrate their knowledge on a specific subject based on prior knowledge acquired through real-life experience or on-the-job training without requiring a semester’s worth of study preparation.

The first attempt to pass any DSST exam is free for active-duty military members.

DSST exams allow military members to earn college credits without any upfront cost.

It is highly recommended that you diligently study and prepare for DSST exams.

To increase the likelihood of receiving a passing score, actively review online course modules, practice exams, and quizzes to prepare for the types of questions you may encounter on DSST exams.

DSST exams establish a passing score based on your understanding of the subject matter, using the "criterion-referenced" method.

What’s the Passing Score for DSST Exams?

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DSST Exams: Passing Score

The passing score for DSST exams is consistently set at 400 points.

Achieving a score of 400 points is equivalent to earning a letter grade of a “C.”

With this in mind, you must score 400 points or higher to pass a DSST exam successfully.

DSST exam scores range from 200 to 500 points.

Scores above 400 points are considered passing.

Scores under 400 points are considered failing scores.

With an understanding of how many points are required to pass a DSST exam successfully, test-takers can plan to commit to a consistent study schedule to prepare for the exam.

DSST exam scores are reported as “Pass” or “Fail” on an academic transcript and do not impact a student's grade point average (GPA).

Minimum Amount of Correct Answers Needed to Pass DSST Exams

Details of DSST Exam Scoring Method.
DSST Exam Scoring Method and Results

DSST Exams: Percentage Correct to Pass

To pass most DSST exams, you must correctly answer an average of 45% to 60% of the questions.

The exact percentage depends on the specific exam subject.

This means that, on a typical DSST exam, there is flexibility to get some questions incorrect and still successfully pass.

Below, you'll find a table that outlines the percentage of questions you need to answer correctly to pass various DSST exams by subject.

Pass Your DSST Exam

Student studying for his DSST exams with DSST test prep online materials.

DSST Exams: Study Strategy

Now that you know the passing score of 400 points and are equipped with an approximate percentage of correct answers to pass a DSST exam successfully, this information will provide insight to create a realistic study strategy.

To gauge your knowledge, try a free practice exam to get a feel for the questions you might be presented with on your DSST exam.

It would be best to focus on studying DSST exam course modules to gain comprehension and proficiency.

During your study process, aim to meet or exceed the percentage of correct answers required to pass your specific exam.

You can achieve this goal by repeatedly reviewing the course modules and taking practice exams until you score 90% or higher.

This study method will introduce you to the multiple-choice testing format and allow you to become well acquainted with the types of questions that may be presented on an exam.

You should schedule your DSST exam immediately after completing your preparation course to ensure active recall and retention of the information.

Don’t allow time to pass between studying and taking your final exam.

With a clear goal and a well-planned study routine, you will be better equipped to successfully pass your DSST exam and earn valuable college credits.

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