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Welcome to the official DANTES - DSST TEST PREP.

At Dsst Test Prep, our primary mission is to support active-duty military personnel and civilian students in their journey to reduce student debt. We understand the financial challenges of pursuing higher education and are dedicated to providing a solution that empowers students to take control of their financial future.


Our comprehensive test preparation program is tailored to help students excel in DSST exams. 


We believe that education should be accessible and affordable, and our platform offers an effective way to make that a reality.

Why Choose Dsst Test Prep?

We stand behind our program with our Pass or Free Class Guarantee.

We are the only company that focuses solely on DSST exam preparation. 

Serving the Military Community: We are honored to serve those who serve our country. Our test prep resources are designed to cater to the unique needs of active duty military members, making it easier for them to pursue educational goals while fulfilling their service responsibilities.


Empowering Civilian Students: Beyond the military community, we extend our commitment to civilian students, providing them with the tools and resources to advance their education without being burdened by excessive student debt.


Comprehensive Test Preparation: Our platform offers a comprehensive array of study materials and practice tests, ensuring students feel confident and well-prepared for their DSST exams.


Dedicated Support: We take pride in our dedicated support team, ready to assist students at every step of their DSST test preparation journey. We are committed to helping our users succeed.


User-Friendly Learning: Our user-friendly interface makes navigating the test preparation process a breeze, offering all our students a seamless and engaging experience.


Join us at Dsst Test Prep and take the first step towards a brighter future. Together, we can make the dream of affordable education and reduced student debt a reality for every military or civilian student striving to achieve their academic goals.


Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Our Vision



Our commitment to providing our students with the highest quality educational materials and support is paramount. We are proud to report an impressive overall passage rate of 90%, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our program.



​Our learning platform sets itself apart from the competition through the innovative use of gamification. Gamification allows students to test their knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way, with questions designed to challenge and motivate them. Students love our trivia questions and game shows.



Education should be accessible to all, regardless of background or financial situation. We believe in providing resources and support for students with diverse learning styles and needs, making our programs inclusive for all.



We offer flexible online learning options that allow students to study anytime and anywhere, 24/7, whether they are stateside or deployed. In addition to our online courses, our team of experts is always available to provide support and guidance to students.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals and earn the college credit they deserve.

We understand the unique challenges faced by busy adults and deployed military members, including limited access to traditional classroom resources and a need for flexible, online study options.


We offer the most extensive collection of DSST course modules, practice exams, flashcards, trivia questions, skills tests, and game shows available. 


Our commitment to excellence, innovation, inclusiveness, and support has earned us a reputation as a top DSST exam preparation services provider.


Join the group of students who have succeeded with our team and discover the difference that a comprehensive and effective preparation program can make.

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