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How to Pass Your DSST Exam in One Week

Updated: Apr 29

Prometric DSST exam student results of a passing score.
Our Student's Results: DSST A History of the Vietnam War (434 )

Student Strategy and Study Tips

Do you need to pass your exam in one week?

Passing your DSST exam within one week is possible, and we’ll show you how.

While we recommend studying daily for at least 2-3 weeks, we understand some students have shorter deadlines and might need to cram for their exams.


Student Examples

We'll showcase two real-life examples of students who took two challenging DSST exams and achieved passing scores.

One student studied for one week and scored 405; another studied for a month and scored 434.

It's important to note that you only need a score of 400 or higher to earn college credit, and DSST exams do not impact your GPA.

Furthermore, we will provide our top three study tips for students who must cram for their exams.

As you'll see below, our students’ results speak for themselves.


Student Success Story: Dave

Student studying for his DSST exam on is laptop.

Meet Dave 

Dave was one of our students who studied for roughly one week and passed his exam.

Before starting his studies, Dave emailed us for suggestions on creating a viable study plan to maximize his time and prepare for his DSST exam.


Dave’s One-Week Deadline

Student studying for his DSST test.

Dave's Backstory  

Dave learned at the last minute that he needed to complete a science course before graduating and was extremely short on time. 

Dave spoke with his academic counselor, who advised him that he could test out of his course by taking the DSST Astronomy exam. 

Even if Dave didn't complete our entire program, he was determined to take his exam within one week.

If he didn't pass, his backup plan would be to continue studying and try again in thirty days.

Dave had no experience in Astronomy, so we were essentially starting from scratch.

We suggested he prioritize passing the practice exams module.

We also recommended that he skim through the course modules and become familiar with the bolded terms, quizzes, and final exams.

Dave spoke with his academic counselor, who advised him that he could test out of his class by taking a DSST exam. 

Study Strategy

Student studying DSST TEST PREP Course materials in preparation for his DSST exam.

DSST Crash Course

Dave's seven-day strategy was simple:

Study our Practice Exams and Course Modules as much as possible before his final exam.

Day # 1: Study the Practice Exams

Day # 2: Continue to Focus on the Practice Exams

Day # 3: Study the Course Modules

Day # 4: Continue to Focus on the Course Modules

Day # 5: Pass all the Course Module Quizzes and Final Exams

Day # 6: Review the Practice Exams and Course Modules

Day # 7 (Test Day): Review the Practice Exams and Take the Final Exam Immediately Afterwards

See below for Dave's strategy and blueprint for success.

Day # 1: Practice Exams Module

DSST Practice Exams Module
Review Your Practice Exam Module

Study Your Practice Exams

Each preparation course includes one module dedicated solely to practice exams.

These exams include additional information not included in your course modules.

Pass each test before taking your final exam.

Memorize the questions and answers and retake each exam until you score 90% or above.

Search for this module in your student dashboard and review your exams.

*How to locate your practice exams module: Student Dashboard (video)

Practice Exam Module: Memorize the correct answers and retake each exam until you score 90% or above. 

Day # 2: Continue to Focus on Your Practice Exams

Image of Astronomy Practice Exam Test
Memorize and retake each exam until you score 90% or higher.

Repetition is The Mother of Mastery

Each course contains a different amount of practice exams.

Astronomy has two practice exams (more will be added soon).

Other subjects might have more or less.

We constantly update our materials, so give yourself enough time to review all the exams.

Day # 3: Course Modules

Astronomy Course Modules

Study Your Course Modules

Dave was short on time, so he reviewed 3 - 4 modules per day.

The course modules are like book chapters and easy to finish.

Each module can be completed within a short amount of time.

Day # 4: Continue to Focus Your Course Modules

DSST Test Prep Astronomy Module 1B
Memorize and retake each quiz and final exam until you score 90% or higher.

Module Chapters

Your modules include key terms, mini-quizzes, and one final exam.

Retake each quiz and final exam until you score 90% or higher.

Course Modules: Review the bolded key terms carefully. Retake the quizzes and final exams as many times as necessary until you score 90% or above.

Day # 5: Pass All Your Course Module Quizzes and Final Exams

Astronomy Final Exam Instructions

Study Smart

By day five, Dave finished reviewing his course modules and passed all the quizzes and final exams.


Day # 6: Course Review

DSST Test Prep Online Course Modules for Astronomy.

Review Challenging Topics And Exams

Dave skimmed through the entire preparation course on day six, reviewing the most challenging concepts and exams.


Day # 7: Review all Your Practice Exams and Take the Final Exam on the Same Day.

Student study schedule.
Dave's Late Night Study Session

Final Preparation and Exam Day

Dave dedicated his last study day solely to his practice exam module.

During his last study session, Dave stayed up all night, completed his practice exams seven times, and scored above 90% on his last three attempts. 

Test Day: Review your practice exams and take the final exam immediately afterward.

Dave's Exam Results

DSST Astronomy Exam results from Prometric.
Our Student's Results: DSST Astronomy (405)

Study Strategy and Results

A passing score is 400 points or above.

While the prep course information was still fresh in his memory, Dave took his exam and scored 405 points. 

Remember, DSST exams are graded as pass or fail and don't affect your GPA.

We spoke with Dave after his exam.

He admitted to being sleep-deprived and said he should have allotted more time for thorough studying.

Dave was extremely fortunate to have passed his exam.

We don’t advocate for intense cram sessions, but sometimes it's necessary for a tight deadline.  

However, Dave's case highlights that the seemingly impossible is possible with the right approach and determination to graduate with his peers.

As we'll see in our next example, spaced repetition is the best study method.

Dave took his final test immediately after his last practice exam (on the same day) and passed!

Student Success Story: Mike

Student studying with DSST test prep's online materials.

Meet Mike

Another inspiring example was a student named Mike, who studied for A History of the Vietnam War.

Despite facing no time constraints and having no background knowledge of the Vietnam War, Mike dedicated thirty days to studying.


Mike's One-Month Study Session

Mike's strategy mirrored Dave's approach but with the luxury of a month-long study period. 

Week # 1: Study the Practice Exams module

Week # 2: Study Course Modules

Week # 3: Study Course Modules

Week # 4: Study Course Modules and Practice Exams

Test Day: Review the Practice Exams and Take the Final Exam Immediately Afterwards


Mike’s Success

DSST A History of the Vietnam War passing score.
Our Student's Results: DSST A History of the Vietnam War (434)

Approach and Results

He diligently worked through all course modules, focusing on reviewing key terms and concepts. 

Mike followed our guidance, ensuring he scored 90% or higher on each practice exam before taking the final exam.

His meticulous preparation paid off, as Mike scored an impressive 435 points on the A History of the Vietnam War DSST exam, surpassing the required 400-point passing score.

Mike's success underscores the importance of thorough preparation and understanding the subject matter, even when time is not a constraint.

His approach to mastering practice exams and reviewing course modules proved a winning formula.


DSST Exams: Top 3 Study Tips

Student reviewing Dsst Test Prep study tips on her laptop.


# 1 Pick a Subject You're Comfortable With

Reddit post regarding passing DSST exams.

Source: Reddit

Play to Your Strengths

When preparing for your DSST exam, it's wise to focus your efforts on subjects you're already comfortable with.

However, relying solely on familiarity is not a reliable or recommended strategy for passing.


Leverage Existing Knowledge

If you have a strong background in a particular subject area, use that to your advantage.

Familiarity lets you grasp new concepts more quickly and navigate complex questions efficiently.

Spend less time learning fundamentals and more time reinforcing key points.


Boost Your Confidence

Approaching an exam with a solid foundation of knowledge in a subject boosts your confidence.

Confidence is key to performing at your best under pressure.

Let your existing understanding be a source of motivation as you prepare.


Supplement with Studying

While familiarity is helpful, it's not a substitute for thorough studying.

Even in subjects you're comfortable with, there will likely be new information to learn.

Supplement your existing knowledge by carefully reviewing course materials, taking practice tests, and reinforcing weak areas.


Diversify Your Preparation

Don't rely solely on familiar subjects.

Aim to prepare equally for all sections of the DSST exam.

Focusing too narrowly on one area leaves you vulnerable to others.

Diversify your studying to ensure you're ready for the full scope of the test.


Seek Balance

When time is limited, spending more time on familiar subjects is wise.

But don't neglect other areas entirely.

Aim for a balanced approach that leverages your strengths while shoring up weaker areas.

This well-rounded preparation is the surest path to DSST exam success.

Familiarity is an asset, but it's not a shortcut.

Combine your existing knowledge with focused studying to maximize your DSST exam performance.

Selecting a subject you're familiar with can streamline your study process and increase your likelihood of achieving a passing score.

# 2 Schedule Your Exam Wisely

Our Student's Results of DSST Management Information Systems Results Passing Score
Our Student's Results: DSST Management Information Systems (422)

Optimize Your Success

Schedule your final exam immediately after your last study session for optimal results.

This strategy offers several benefits.

It helps keep the information fresh in your mind, reducing the risk of forgetting crucial details.

Additionally, taking the exam right after studying allows you to capitalize on the momentum of your efforts, ensuring that you're fully prepared and confident.

Moreover, completing the exam promptly can alleviate stress and anxiety associated with prolonged anticipation, providing a sense of accomplishment and closure to your study process.

In the days before your DSST exam, resist the urge to cram new information.

Instead, focus on reviewing the practice tests you've already mastered.

This proven strategy will boost your active recall, confidence, and performance on test day.

Take your final exam immediately after studying.

# 3 Master Our Practice Exams

DSST Test Prep Course Bundles.

Master Your DSST Exam with Practice Tests

Our online DSST prep courses are built around two key components - comprehensive course modules and extensive practice exams.

Each course includes one module strictly dedicated to practice exams - master them.


Start with Practice Tests

When preparing for your DSST exam, take a full-length practice test.

This allows you to assess your current knowledge, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create a targeted study plan.


Dive Into Your Course Modules

After your initial practice exam, dive into the course modules.

These in-depth lessons cover all the key topics you need to know for your DSST test.

Complete the module quizzes and chapter exams to reinforce your understanding.


Retake Your Practice Exams

Make time to retake the practice exams as you progress through the course.

Aim for a score of 90% or higher on each one.

Repetition is key to truly mastering the material and building your confidence.

Many students have passed their DSST exams by focusing solely on the practice tests.

The repetition and realistic exam format make practice tests one of the most effective study tools.


Best Results

For the best results, combine practice exams with the course modules.

Reviewing the lessons ensures a solid foundation, while the practice tests allow you to apply your knowledge in a test-like setting.


Maximize Your Preparation

The more practice exams you take, the better prepared you'll be.

Mastering the practice material is the key to DSST exam success.

Let our practice exams be your guide to DSST exam mastery.

Combine them with the course modules for a comprehensive, proven preparation strategy.

Mastering our practice exams is vital to your preparation.

Pro Tip: Prometric Test Center (Results Report)

Results of a student who took their exam with Prometric.
Prometric Results Report

Testing With Prometric

Pro Tip:

If you take your exam at a Prometric test center (either at a physical location or online remotely),

You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of your exam results. 

It will show you how you performed in certain areas (view the example above). 

If you don't pass on your first attempt, study harder in your weaker areas and retake the exam in 30 days.

Many students pass on their second attempt because they know what to expect, and the information is still fresh in their minds.

And remember, DSST exams don't affect your GPA!

You can retest as many times as needed until you pass.  

To retrieve your results, visit the Prometric Report Validation Portal.

Input your 16-character Registration Confirmation Number and last name. 

You’ll then have access to your exam results and details of your score.


Pro Tip: College or University (Exam Results)

Results of a student who took an exam at a college or university.
Our Student's Results: DSST Organizational Behavior (419)

Testing at a College or University

Pro Tip:

If you take your DSST exam at a college or university, you won't receive a report of your exam results. 

You’ll only receive your score (view Organizational Behavior example). 

To retrieve your results, visit and log in to Prometric TC Net

Locate and select the “View Results” tab to view your completed DSST exams, scores, and test fees.


Personalized Support

DSST Test Prep's personalized support team.

Achieve Your Academic Goals with DSST Test Prep

At DSST Test Prep, we're in your corner.

Our expert success coaches provide personalized guidance to help you conquer your DSST exam and reach your full potential.

Comprehensive Courses Designed for Success

Our in-depth online courses cover every topic you need to know.

Interactive lessons, practice tests, and performance tracking ensure you master the material and enter your exam confident and prepared.

Dedicated Support Every Step of the Way

If questions arise while studying, contact our friendly support team at

We're here to provide the answers and encouragement you need to stay motivated and on track.



Four student graduates at a graduation ceremony.

Preparing for Your DSST Exam

Passing your DSST exam requires dedication and a well-planned study approach.

While passing with a focused effort in a short timeframe is possible, we strongly recommend allowing 2-4 weeks for optimal preparation.

This gives you sufficient time to review the material and build your knowledge and confidence thoroughly.


Develop a Realistic Study Plan

Create a study schedule that fits your timeline and learning style.

Aim to spend at least 10-15 hours per week studying.

Divide your time between reviewing course content, practicing with sample questions, and taking full-length practice exams.


Master the Material

Rather than memorizing, focus on truly understanding the key concepts, formulas, and terms.

Explain ideas out loud to yourself or a study partner.

Use active recall techniques with our digital flashcards and practice questions to reinforce your knowledge.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Take as many practice exams as possible.

Carefully review your results to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Aim for 90%+ accuracy on practice tests before scheduling your exam.

Mastering the practice material is the best predictor of real exam success.


Maintain Momentum

Schedule your DSST exam immediately after your final practice test.

This maintains your focus and urgency.

Avoid scheduling too far out, as you may lose motivation.


Stay Positive and Focused

Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Celebrate small milestones along the way.

If you feel overwhelmed, take a short break.

Avoid burnout by maintaining healthy habits like sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Reach out to our support team if you need any guidance.

With dedication and the right preparation strategies, you can absolutely pass your DSST exam.

Trust the process, stay positive, and keep pushing forward.

Good luck with your exam!


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