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Purdue University Students: Save $54,898,00 in Tuition With DSST Exams

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Accelerate Your Purdue Degree with DSST Exams

Are you a prospective or current student at Purdue University?

If so, you can fast-track your degree and potentially earn up to 60 undergraduate credits (equivalent to two years of classes) through DSST exams at Purdue.

Purdue University embraces diverse learning approaches and actively encourages students to leverage DSST exams as a cost-effective strategy to expedite their progress toward graduation.

Completing these exams allows you to test out of general education courses and earn valuable college credits, saving time and money on your educational journey.

This comprehensive guide will illuminate the world of DSST exams, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize your academic potential at Purdue University.


DSST Exams at Purdue

Purdue University Homepage discussing DSST Exams.


Earn College Credits Faster with DSST Exams: A Game-Changer for Savy Students

DSST exams, formerly known as DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) Subject Standardized Tests, offer a nationally recognized pathway to demonstrate mastery of specific subjects by passing a single comprehensive exam.

These exams offer a unique opportunity to earn college credits by examination, saving you valuable time and money.

DSST exams are comprehensive tests that cover a wide range of college-level subjects, including humanities, social sciences, business, and mathematics.

Purdue University values the importance of DSST exams and offers students an extensive selection of subjects in which to earn credits.

By taking advantage of this credit-by-examination opportunity, you can broaden your academic horizons, simplify your degree path, and achieve your goals with impressive efficiency.


Purdue University Tuition Versus DSST Exam Fees 

Purdue University Cost of Attendance


Cost-Effective Path to Your Degree

Purdue University understands the significant financial commitment involved in pursuing a college education.

As such, the institution wholeheartedly embraces DSST exams as a valuable strategy for students to earn credits and expedite their journey toward a baccalaureate degree.

By leveraging DSST exams, you can potentially reduce the overall cost of your education by testing out of certain courses, thereby minimizing the number of classes you need to take and the associated tuition expenses.

This cost-effective approach alleviates the financial burden and enables you to complete your degree requirements quickly, empowering you to enter the workforce or pursue further academic endeavors sooner.

Purdue University's recognition of DSST exams underscores its commitment to providing accessible and flexible pathways for students to achieve their academic goals.

By embracing this credit-by-examination option, the university acknowledges its student body's diverse backgrounds and experiences, offering a tailored approach to education that aligns with individual needs and circumstances.


Cost Comparison: DSST Exams vs. Traditional Courses

A table showing the cost comparison between DSST exams and Purdue's tuition.


3 Semester-Hour Units

Most undergraduate general education classes at Purdue University are structured as three-semester-hour units.

To illustrate the potential cost savings, let's compare the approximate expense of a traditional three-credit course with that of an equivalent three-credit DSST exam.


Scroll through the table below.


Unit Type

Cost per Unit

Number of Units

Total Cost

Total Savings

Purdue University Tuition:

Undergraduate General Elective Class


$347.85 (1 unit)*



DSST Exam Fees:



$100.00 (3 units)



Total Savings with DSST Exams


*Non-resident tuition is $948.30 per credit hour, and the fee schedule is subject to change. The total expenses associated with attending Purdue University include additional administrative fees, course materials, living expenses, travel, and other student-related costs.


One Resident General Elective Class at Purdue University:

  • $347.85 (semester-hour) x 3 semester-hour units = $1,043.55 

 One Non-Resident General Elective Class at Purdue University:

  • $948.30 (semester-hour) x 3 semester-hour units = $2,844.90 

Passing one DSST exam awards credit for three (3) semester-hour units.

  • Regardless of residency status, a non-refundable $100.00 test fee is required to take the exam.

Resident students at Purdue University will save $943.55 in tuition for one 3-semester hour unit course by testing out with DSST exams.
Non-resident students can save $2,744.90.

15 Semester-Hour Units

While individual courses offer cost savings through DSST exams, the potential for substantial financial benefits becomes apparent when considering a full-time course load.

At Purdue University, a typical full-time undergraduate schedule comprises 15 semester-hour units, equivalent to five courses per semester.

Let's view the potential savings below.

Scroll through the table below.



Cost Per Unit

Number of Classes


DSST Exam Fees

Total Cost

Total Savings

Purdue University







DSST Exams







Total Savings with DSST Exams


Potential Savings for a Full-Time Semester

A traditional 15-credit semester (5 courses) at Purdue University costs approximately $5,217.75.

In comparison, earning 15 credits through DSST exams (5 exams at $100 each) costs only $500.

This remarkable savings opportunity alleviates the financial burden and allows you to allocate your resources more effectively toward other academic or personal pursuits.

By opting for DSST exams to fulfill a full 15-credit semester, resident students could save $4,717.75 compared to traditional courses.
Non-resident students could save $13,724.50.

45 Semester-Hour Units

Scroll through the table below.


Semester - Units

Cost Per Unit

Number of Classes


DSST Exam Fees

Total Cost

Total Savings

Purdue University







DSST Exams







Total Savings with DSST Exams



Unlock Substantial Savings and Accelerate Your Graduation

By strategically utilizing DSST exams, Purdue University students can unlock significant cost savings and expedite their path to graduation.

Consider the following compelling figures: If you earn 45 credits through DSST exams, resident students could save over $14,153.25 in tuition.

This substantial amount not only eases the financial burden but also allows you to allocate your resources more effectively toward other academic or personal pursuits.

However, the savings don't stop there.

If resident students transfer 60 units, including DSST exam credits, the potential savings soar to an impressive $18,871.00.

Non-resident students could save $54,898,00 in tuition!

This remarkable figure underscores the immense value of leveraging DSST exams as a cost-effective strategy for your educational journey.


Pro Tip: Maximize Your Savings

While Purdue University allows you to transfer up to 72 units of DSST exam credits, it's important to note that you must earn at least 32 credits directly from Purdue to be eligible for a degree from the university.

This requirement ensures a well-rounded educational experience while benefiting from the flexibility and cost savings DSST exams offer.

Combining DSST exam credits with traditional coursework at Purdue creates a personalized academic path that aligns with your goals, interests, and financial considerations.

Embrace this opportunity to save time, reduce expenses, and accelerate your journey toward earning a prestigious Purdue University degree.

By utilizing DSST exams, resident students save $18,871.00 in tuition for 60 unit credits, save time, and graduate faster.
Non-resident students could save $54,898,00!
 Students may transfer up to 72 units of DSST exam credits to Purdue but must earn at least 32 Purdue credits to earn a degree from the University.

What Classes Can I Test Out Of?

Purdue's articulation guidelines for DSST exams.


Purdue University: Articulation Guidelines For DSST Exams

Students can earn college credits by completing an equivalent DSST subject exam, as outlined in the table below. 

DSST Course Exam

Purdue University Equivalent Course

DSST Course Credit

HIST 35600

3 units


3 units

CS 11000

3 units

SOC 32800

3 units

EAPS 12500

3 units


3 units

EDPS 49100

3 units

Fundamentals of College Algebra

MA 15300

3 units

EDPS 49100

3 units


3 units

ANTH 10000

3 units

HK 20000

3 units

HIST 23900

3 units

HTM 31200

3 units

EAPS 12000

3 units

REL 20000

3 units

PSY 23000

3 units

HTM 21200

3 units

CSR 34200 or HTM 44100

3 units

Principles of Statistics


3 units


3 units

HK 23100

3 units


3 units

HIST 31005

3 units

*Course numbers listed as "1XXX" or "2XXX" transfer as undistributed credit, which means Purdue does not have an equivalent course. Credit appears on a Purdue student record as credit hours within the respective subject area.

Contact your academic advisor to confirm that DSST exams apply to your degree program.

Protect Your GPA and Earn Credits Strategically

Purdue's Academic website page.

DSST Exams Don't Affect Your GPA

At Purdue University, DSST exams offer a unique opportunity to earn college credits without jeopardizing your hard-earned grade point average (GPA).

The university grants credit for DSST exams with a passing score of 400 points or higher, which is recorded as a "P" (Pass) grade on your transcript.

Importantly, unsuccessful attempts do not negatively impact your GPA, providing a risk-free avenue to demonstrate your knowledge and earn credits.

Suppose you don't achieve a passing score on your initial attempt.

In that case, you can retake the exam every 30 days until you succeed, allowing ample opportunities to prepare and master the subject matter.

This flexibility ensures you can earn credits at your own pace without the pressure of a traditional course timeline.


Exam Format and Scoring

Each exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices, and a score of 400 points or higher (approximately 58% to 62% correct answers) is considered a passing score.

This scoring criterion accommodates diverse learning styles and backgrounds, making DSST exams appealing to individuals who thrive in standardized testing environments.

By leveraging your strengths and existing knowledge, you can confidently approach these exams and earn credits without compromising your academic standing.

To achieve a passing score of 400 points or higher, test-takers must accurately answer approximately 58% to 62% of the exam questions.

Where Can I Take My DSST Exam?

Computers at a DSST Prometric Test Center.

Prometric Test Centers

DSST exams are offered and proctored by Prometric.

You can schedule and take your DSST exam at any Prometric test center strategically positioned across the United States.


When enrolling for a DSST exam, you can choose between two options:

  1.  Attend the exam at a physical Prometric brick-and-mortar test center.

  2. Opt for a remote exam through Prometric.

Each option has unique advantages; you can easily schedule your exam online for added convenience.

Let's explore each option below.

You can take your DSST exam at a local Prometric test center or remotely online.

Prometric Test Centers: Take Your DSST Exam in Person

Students taking their DSST exam at a Prometric DSST Test Center

In-Person Assistance

To schedule and register for your DSST exam in person, you must first locate a nearby testing center and reserve your appointment online.

Arrive Early

On the day of your exam, to ensure a smooth check-in process, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early with proper forms of required identification.

For a List of Prometric Test Centers, Click Here.

Remote Proctoring: Take Your DSST Exam Online

 A student taking her DSST exam remotely with Prometric.

Online  Testing

You can take your DSST exam online remotely from your personal computer.

A live proctor will monitor you throughout your exam.

Schedule your reservation to sign up for your DSST exam from the comfort of your own home.

Pick the subject you'd like to test in, choose a suitable test date, and pay the exam fee online.

It's a convenient and straightforward process.

To schedule and take your exam remotely, please view our post below.


How Will Perdue University Receive My DSST Exam Results?

A DSST Transcript of Our Student's Passing Results: DSST A History of the Vietnam War
Our Student's Passing Results: DSST A History of the Vietnam War

Institutional Score Recipient Code

Whether you opt for an online or in-person DSST exam, knowing Purdue's 4-digit school Institutional Score Recipient Code is essential.

Purdue University will receive a complimentary copy of your exam scores from Prometric using their designated institution's 4-digit score recipient code: 8729.

The processing time for Purdue to receive the score report ranges from 2 to 3 weeks.

Once Purdue receives your score report, they will apply your units toward your degree program.

Once Prometric receives your 4-digit code, they send your score report directly to Purdue University for free.

Usually, you would enter your 4-digit code when registering for your exam.

Currently, Prometric's registration process does not provide an option to enter your Institutional Score Recipient Code.

Until this feature is available, you must contact Prometric directly for assistance.

Be sure to contact Prometric within two days after your exam and provide them with your four-digit institutional score recipient code (8729). 

Contact Prometric at:

Toll Free: 1-877-471-9860

For more details, view our blog:



Pro Tip: To expedite the processing of your college credits, contact Prometric two days after your exam, providing them with Purdue's Institutional Score Recipient Code (8729).
If you wish for your institution to receive your exam results, ensure that you provide your 4-digit code to Prometric each time you take a DSST exam.

How Do I Get Started with DSST Exams?

Student getting starting with DSST exams on DSST Test Prep's website.

Step 1: Consult Your Academic Advisor

Before diving into DSST exams, it's crucial to consult with your academic advisor at Purdue University.

Your advisor will provide valuable guidance on which specific DSST exams are eligible for credit toward your degree requirements.

This step ensures that you strategically select exams that align with your academic goals and maximize the potential for earning credits.

Step 2: Prepare for Success

Once you've identified the DSST exams that best suit your needs, it's time to prepare for success.

Dedicate time to thoroughly studying the subject, utilizing resources such as online materials and practice exams.

Adequate preparation will increase your confidence and improve your chances of achieving a passing score.

Step 3: Schedule Your Exam

When you feel ready to take the exam, schedule it with Prometric, the authorized test center for DSST exams.

Prometric offers flexible scheduling and convenient testing locations to fit your needs.

Step 4: Pass the Exam and Reap the Rewards

On the day of your DSST exam, arrive well-rested and confident in your preparation.

Apply the knowledge and strategies you've acquired during your study sessions, and approach the exam positively.

Successfully passing the exam will earn you valuable college credits, save you money on tuition, and potentially allow you to graduate sooner than anticipated.

By following these straightforward steps, you'll be well on your way to leveraging the power of DSST exams and unlocking a world of academic and financial benefits at Purdue University.

Embrace this opportunity to streamline your educational journey and achieve your goals remarkably.



Image of Purdue University

Image Credit: Diego Delso

Final Thoughts

Purdue University provides a forward-thinking, progressive option where students may shorten the time required to complete a baccalaureate degree with DSST credit by examination.

DSST exams offer an innovative and cost-effective solution for students who wish to expedite their degree requirements, minimize tuition expenses, and maintain a high GPA.

The flexibility provided by DSST exams allows students to efficiently navigate through general education courses, streamlining their academic path without sitting through an entire semester-long class. 

The financial advantages and the convenience of self-paced study and testing make DSST exams enticing for students seeking a strategically effective and economically affordable pathway to graduation.

With Purdue University fully embracing this credit-earning opportunity, students are encouraged to confidently utilize DSST exams for an accelerated and enhanced collegiate experience.


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