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University of Phoenix Students: Save $8,940 Per Year with DSST Exams

Updated: Apr 8

University of Phoenix Student Learning How to Save Money And Graduate Faster With DSST Exams

University of Phoenix

Are you a University of Phoenix (UOPX) student interested in saving money and graduating faster?

DSST exams can help you achieve this goal. 

We have successfully assisted thousands of University of Phoenix students in passing their DSST exams, and we are confident that we can do the same for you.

In this blog, you'll learn how to leverage DSST exams to fast-track your graduation and test out of your general education courses. 

We'll provide practical steps to help you efficiently earn undergraduate credits.

By taking DSST exams, you can bypass traditional academic attendance and fulfill lower-division course requirements, saving you valuable time and money.


Table of Contents


Understanding DSST Exams At The University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix Accepts DSST (DANTES) Exams Shown on a desktop.

What are DSST exams?

DSST exams, or DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, are a series of exams designed to assess your knowledge in various college-level subjects.

DSST exams assess proficiency in college-level subject matter acquired through self-study or practical experience outside traditional classroom settings.

This adaptable approach allows students to demonstrate proficiency in particular general education subjects without the need for traditional classroom attendance, offering an opportunity to save time and money.

DSST exams allow you to earn college credits, save money, and graduate faster.

University of Phoenix: What Does Testing Out of a Course Mean?

University of Phoenix Article: What Does Testing Out of Course Mean?

Testing Out

What does testing out of a course mean?

Successfully passing a DSST exam means you've efficiently tested out of the corresponding course.

You can test out of your general education courses, saving you time and money on your degree.

This achievement instantly awards you general education units to fulfill lower-division course requirements and propels you closer to obtaining your college degree.


How do I test out of college classes?

Follow these steps:

1. Review which DSST exams are eligible for credit at the University of Phoenix (ask your success coach).

2. Study and prepare for your DSST exam.

3. Schedule and take your DSST exam at a test center or remotely (online).

4. Transfer your score report results to the University of Phoenix and receive college credit.

It's that simple!

DSST exams empower students to test out of a specific course by passing one final examination.

“University of Phoenix Alternative Credit Options and Prior Learning Assessments Saved Students $56 Million in Tuition and Fees in 2022.

“University of Phoenix Alternative Credit Options and Prior Learning Assessments Saved Students $56 Million in Tuition and Fees in 2022.”

Article from the University of Phoenix:

“The University of Phoenix is pleased to announce that in 2022, students who obtained and applied alternative and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits towards their program saved $56 million in tuition and fees.

Demonstrating a continued commitment to saving students time and money, this is an increase over the previous year.

In 2021, University students saved $49 million in tuition and fees for credit-related to alternative credit and PLA credit.”

University of Phoenix students have saved millions in tuition fees by taking advantage of DSST exams.

University of Phoenix Tuition vs. DSST Exam Fees

University of Phoenix Tuition Image Showing cost of tution.

Save Money And Reduce Your Student Debt

When you take DSST exams as a University of Phoenix student, you save money and maximize your investment.

Let's review the numbers and see how DSST exams can be a game-changer for your wallet.

University of Phoenix Tuition

DSST Exam Fees

$398.00 per undergraduate credit hour

$100.00 per exam

$1,194.00 for a standard 3-credit course

3 credit hours per exam

Illustrative Examples for Savings:

Traditional tuition for 15 credit hours at UOPX

Earning 15 credit hours through DSST exams

Cost: $5,970.00

Cost: $1,500.00

Potential Savings for a Single Semester:

Potential Savings for One Year:



Potentialy save $4,470.00 for a single semester or $8,940.00 for an entire year!

University of Phoenix Students: Accelerate Your Graduation

Student looking at University of Phoenix website.

Speed Up Your Path to Graduation

At the University of Phoenix, where most single courses are 3 credits and span 5 to 6 weeks, time is of the essence.

DSST exams, valued at 3 credit hours each, present a unique opportunity to compress the content of a conventional 5 to 6-week course into a significantly shorter timeframe with a single final exam.

By choosing to test out of general education courses with DSST exams, you bid farewell to semester and quarterly class schedules and pave a faster route to obtaining your undergraduate degree.

Imagine learning at your own pace and taking an exam when you feel confident - without being required to attend a 5 to 6-week course physically.

Increase your chances of passing DSST exams by enrolling in our DSST test preparatory courses to familiarize yourself with the exam format and types of questions you may encounter.

With DSST exams, you have the flexibility to study independently and register for an exam whenever you're ready.

University Of Phoenix: How Many Units Can I Test Out Of?

University of Phoenix General Education Requirements

University of Phoenix: General Education Requirements

Take control of your academic journey and use DSST exams to achieve your educational goals faster by testing out of your general education requirements.

For an Associate's degree, testing out of 42 units or approximately 14 classes allows you to save about a year and a half of college courses.
For a Bachelor's degree, testing out of 54 units or 18 classes gives you the opportunity to graduate two years earlier than usual.

Real-Life Success Story

Case Study: Sarah’s Journey

Meet Sarah

A dedicated mother of two young children, working full-time in corporate America.

Attending: University of Phoenix

Major: Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB)

Sarah is an online student enrolled at the University of Phoenix and is vying for a lucrative job opportunity that awaits her upon earning a degree.

Time is of the essence, and she's determined to finish her college courses promptly and graduate while saving as much money as possible.

Sarah's Success Coach

Academic Counselor. Sarah's success coach.

Graduation Strategy

Sarah met with her success coach and learned she is familiar with DSST exams.

They researched DSST exams online and found there's plenty of information provided by the University of Phoenix supporting her decision to

test out.


Sarah’s Available Options

Sarah’s Available Options

Sarah’s Meeting

Sarah confirmed with her academic counselor that she could test out of her lower-division general education courses with DSST exams.

Rather than dedicating months enrolled in online courses and paying approximately $1200 per class, an opportunity to study independently and test out for $100 with DSST exams would allow her to graduate early and save significant tuition costs.

Sarah’s academic counselor approved her to take DSST exams, allowing her to test out of her general education requirements.

Sarah's Strategy: Test Out Of General Education Courses With DSST Exams.

University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Business | General Education Courses: Test Out of These Lower-Division Courses With DSST Exams.

University of Phoenix | Bachelor of Science in Business

Recognizing the urgency to graduate faster and save money, Sarah strategically utilizes DSST exams to test out of her lower-division general education courses.

View the list below of lower-division general education courses needed at the University of Phoenix to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree.

You can test out of all the general education courses listed below to earn a BSB degree.

General Education Courses:

  • GEN/201: Foundations for University Success

  • PSY/110: Psychology of Learning

  • ENG/110: English Composition I

  • HUM/115: Critical Thinking in Everyday Life

  • FP/100T: Everyday Economics and Finances

  • ENG/210: English Composition II

  • ENV/100T: Principles of Environmental Science

  • MTH/215T: Quantitative Reasoning I

  • MTH/216T: Quantitative Reasoning II

  • SOC/110: Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution

  • SCI/163T: Elements of Health and Wellness

  • HUM/186: Media Influences on American Culture

For example, Sarah could take SCI/163T: Elements of Health and Wellness at the University of Phoenix.

She would pay roughly $1194.00 for the course fee, spend weeks in class, and eventually receive three lower-division general education units.

Or, Sarah could take the DSST Health and Human Development exam, pay the $100 exam fee, study independently, and take the exam at her convenience.

She can successfully test out by passing the exam and automatically receive three lower-division general education units.

General education courses can be completed at either the University of Phoenix or by testing out with DSST exams.

In the example below, Sarah could attempt to test out from at least ten general education courses.

Scroll through the table below.

University of Phoenix | General Education Course

DSST Exam | Equivalent Tests

PSY/110: Psychology of Learning

​ENG/110: English Composition I

​HUM/115: Critical Thinking in Everyday Life

​FP/100T: Everyday Economics and Finances

​ENG/210: English Composition II

​MTH/215T: Quantitative Reasoning I

DSST Fundamentals of College Algebra

​MTH/216T: Quantitative Reasoning II

DSST Principles of Statistics

SOC/110: Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution

​SCI/163T: Elements of Health and Wellness

​HUM/186: Media Influences on American Culture


Sarah’s Victory

Conclusion: Sarah’s Victory

Sarah Passed Her Exams!

Sarah studied and passed each DSST exam within six months to fulfill her lower-division general education requirements.

Sarah must now complete her upper-division core course residency requirements at the University of Phoenix to fulfill the degree requirements necessary for graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Business | Core Courses

Bachelor of Science in Business | Core Courses: These Upper-Division Courses Must be Completed at The University of Phoenix.

Reference: PDF Version

Sarah's Residency Requirements

Sarah begins upper-division courses required to complete her Bachelor of Science in Business degree.

These Upper-Division Courses Must be Completed at The University of Phoenix.


Suppose you're an undergraduate student eager to complete your degree and test out of general education requirements. In that case, DSST exams provide an alternative way to complete your college degree expeditiously and cost-effectively.

The University of Phoenix is one of over 1,200 universities that accept DSST exams for college credit.

You must speak with your academic counselor to confirm whether or not DSST exams are an option for you.

Sarah graduates from the University of Phoenix in two and a half years (instead of four), saving over $10,000 in tuition, and begins her dream job.

DSST Exams: Test Duration And Exam Results

DSST Exams: Test Duration And Exam Results Showing A Pass Result

Exam Duration and Results

You will have 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete the proctored exam.

Comprising 100 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices, DSST exams offer a scoring range of 200 to 500 points.

To secure a passing score of 400 points or higher, test-takers must accurately answer approximately 58% to 62% of the exam questions.

This generous scoring method makes DSST exams attractive for students who are comfortable with standardized testing.

After completing the exam, you will receive your results immediately, indicating whether you passed or failed.

The University of Phoenix awards college credit for DSST exams with passing scores of 400 points or higher.

Will DSST Exams Affect My Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Students throwing up caps at graduation ceremony.

Grade Point Average

The credit granted for a DSST exam is denoted as a "P" (Pass) grade on transcripts, and unsuccessful attempts do not impact your GPA.

You can use this academic tool to demonstrate your knowledge and progress toward your undergraduate degree without worrying about impacting your GPA.

If you cannot pass on your initial attempt, you can retest every 30 days until you achieve a passing score.

DSST exams don't affect your GPA!

Prometric Test Centers: Registration Process

Computer room for DSST Exams.

Prometric Test Centers

You can schedule and take your DSST exam at any of the Prometric test centers strategically positioned across the United States.

When enrolling for a DSST exam, you can choose between two options:

  1. Attend the exam at a physical Prometric brick-and-mortar test center.

  2. Opt for a remote exam through Prometric.

Each option has unique advantages; you can easily schedule your exam online for added convenience.


Prometric Physical Test Centers: Take Your DSST Exam in Person.

Prometric Proctor for DSST Exams. Showing a student how to take the test.

In-Person Assistance

To schedule and register for your DSST exam in person, you must first locate a nearby testing center and reserve your appointment online.

Arrive Early

On the day of your exam, to ensure a smooth check-in process, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early with proper forms of required identification.

Locate a Test Center

For a list of test centers, click here.


Prometric Remote Proctoring: Take Your DSST Exam Remotely

Student taking a DSST exam remotely.

Take Your Exam Remotely 

You can take your DSST exam online remotely from your personal computer.

A live proctor will monitor you throughout your exam.

Schedule your reservation to sign up for your DSST exam from the comfort of your own home.

Pick the subject you'd like to test in, choose a suitable test date, and pay the exam fee online.

It's a convenient and straightforward process.

To schedule and take your exam remotely, please view our post: 


Prometric Test Centers: How will the University of Phoenix Receive My DSST Exam Results?

Student Reviewing How will the University of Phoenix Receive My DSST Exam Results on desktop.

Institutional Score Recipient Code

Whether you opt for an online or in-person DSST exam, knowing your college or university's 4-digit school code and representing the Institutional Score Recipient Code is essential.

The University of Phoenix will receive a complimentary copy of your exam scores from Prometric using their institution's 4-digit code.

Prometric will send your score report directly to the University of Phoenix for free.

The processing time for the University of Phoenix to receive the score report ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

Once the University of Phoenix receives your score report, they will apply your units toward your degree program.

The University of Phoenix's Institutional Score Recipient Code is 8065.

Prometric Exam Results: You Must Follow Up with Prometric

Student calling Prometric

Contact Prometric

Currently, Prometric doesn't allow you to input your Institutional Score Recipient Code during registration.

Until this feature is available, you must contact them directly for assistance.

Be sure to contact Prometric within two days after taking your exam and provide them with your four-digit institutional score recipient code. 


Contact Prometric at:

Toll Free: 1-877-471-9860


For more details, view our blog:

Pro Tip: To expedite the processing of your college credits, contact Prometric one day after your exam, providing them with your university's Institutional Score Recipient Code (UOPX: 8065).
Each time you take a DSST exam, ensure to provide your 4-digit code to Prometric if you wish for your institution to receive your exam results.

DSST Exam Preparation: A Guide For University of Phoenix Students

How to Prepare for DSST Exams

How to Prepare for Your DSST Exam

Achieving success in DSST exams requires meticulous preparation. 

Here are indispensable tips to enhance your readiness:

Answer all of the Questions:

  • Do not leave any questions blank or unanswered. Guessing provides an opportunity to get it right, and the best part is you won't face any point deduction for incorrect answers.

Prioritize Quality over Quantity:

  • When engaging with study materials and resources, emphasize quality over quantity.

  • Instead of overwhelming yourself with abundant materials, carefully select resources that align precisely with the DSST exam you're preparing for.

Leverage Updated Study Materials:

  • Review study materials with content aligned with the latest subject exam outline.

  • Access up-to-date information and ensure your study preparation covers the most relevant topics.

Time Management Skills:

  • Recognize that all DSST exams are timed with 120 minutes (2 hours) for completion.

  • Practice time management skills by dedicating specific timed study sessions to simulate exam conditions.

Seek Guidance and Support:

  • Don't shy away from seeking assistance.

  • Contact our dedicated support team at for guidance on effective study methods.

Embrace DSST Practice Exams:

  • Repetition and retention of subject matter are pivotal to successfully passing DSST exams.

  • Take DSST practice exams regularly to assess readiness and pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Simulate exam conditions, aiming for a 90% or higher score to reinforce material retention.

Remember, diligent preparation is the key to conquering DSST exams. 

Your investment in time and effort will significantly boost the likelihood of achieving a passing score and earning valuable college credits!



Students at a graduation taking a picture.

Final Thoughts

DSST exams are a potent tool for a more cost-effective approach for University of Phoenix students seeking a streamlined path to graduation.

Your educational goals are within reach!

Whether you are a busy working professional or an ambitious student, DSST exams' flexibility accommodates the diverse needs of all students interested in earning college credits.

These exams provide an opportunity for independent study and the ability to test out of lower-division general education courses, saving significant time and money.

By leveraging DSST exams, University of Phoenix students can bypass traditional semester schedules and accelerate their graduation timeline.

As you embark on your academic journey, consider the strategic ways that DSST exams can help you navigate through the challenges of earning your undergraduate degree.

If you need any help or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team at

Good luck and happy testing!


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