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Save Money and Graduate Faster with DSST Exams!


​By passing DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Test) exams, students can earn college credit by testing out of general education courses.

DSST exams can help you save money, reduce your student debt, and accelerate your graduation date.

​​There are over one hundred DSST test centers located throughout the United States.

Over 1200 colleges and universities accept DSST exams. Check with your school for eligibility.

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Let’s Talk About Numbers:


Thousands of satisfied students.


Millions saved on college tuition, reducing student debt.


Our average weighted pass rate.

Student Orientation

Join our free student orientation and acquire comprehensive information about DSST exams. We'll guide you through the process, from ensuring your school receives your exam results to scheduling your DSST exam.

DSST Exam student orientation.


Study our course modules and practice exams until you’re ready for your final DSST exam. 

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DSST Course Modules


Our course modules are designed around official DSST exam outlines. 


We ensure that students study suitable materials and have the best chance of passing their exams.

DSST Practice Exams


Taking practice exams is the most effective method for preparing for your test. 

Ace our practice exams and increase your odds of passing the final exam. Try our practice exams for free. No credit card is required!

 DSST Flashcards


Your memory will improve with every card you swipe through.

Our flashcards are an effective way to learn and remember essential terms and definitions.

DSST Trivia Games 


Do you enjoy trivia questions and game shows?


Our proprietary trivia questions and game shows will help you prepare for your exam and have fun simultaneously!