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University of La Verne Students: Save $18,950 Per Year with DSST Exams

Updated: Apr 8

Desktop of University of Lavern Homepage showing woman speaking at her graduation.

University of La Verne

DSST exams, also known as DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, are standardized examinations that allow students to bypass general education courses and accrue college credits, accelerating their progress toward an undergraduate degree.

The University of La Verne recognizes that learning occurs inside and outside a classroom and endorses DSST exams to accommodate students who want to save on tuition costs and accelerate their graduation date.  

We have helped numerous University of Lavern students succeed in their DSST exams, and we are confident we can do the same for you.

This blog will discuss the tremendous benefits that DSST exams offer to significantly enhance students' academic experience at the University of La Verne.


Table of Contents


Top 5 Benefits of DSST Exams at the University of La Verne

Two woman on a bed discussing the University of Lavern and benefits of DSST exams.

Benefits For La Verne Students

Let’s examine the top five benefits of DSST exams and explore ways to save time, money, and effort while earning college credits at the University of La Verne.


1. Save Money And Reduce Your Student Debt

Screenshot of University of La Verne's Online Tuition and Fees.

University of La Verne: Tuition Cost

Here are the costs associated with a semester at the University of La Verne in straightforward terms.

The tuition cost at the Undergraduate Regional Campus per semester hour unit is $665.00.

Most undergraduate classes are structured as three (3) semester-hour units.

Tuition at the University of La Verne calculates to $1,995.00 for a three-unit class.

University of La Verne Tuition Vs. DSST Exam Fees 

Screenshot of University of La Verne's Online Tuition and Fees.

University Tuition Vs. DSST Exam Fees

Let's compare the cost of taking a 3-unit DSST exam to the cost of the University of La Verne's 3 semester hour units, which is $1,995.00.

DSST Exam Fee:





La Verne Tuition per Semester Hour

$665 per unit

La Verne Tuition for a 3-unit class


DSST Exam Fee (3-units)


Total Savings


ULV students can save $9,475 per semester ($18,950 yearly) with DSST exams.
DSST exams offer an affordable way to fulfill general education requirements.

2. Accelerate Your Graduation Date And Focus On Your Major

Screenshot of University of La Verne's Exam Articulations

Graduate Sooner

By leveraging DSST exams, you can test out an entire year's worth (or more) of courses to pave a pathway to graduate with a degree within three years instead of the conventional four.

Rather than enroll in a semester-long class, DSST exams allow you to study on your own time, at your convenience. 

Once you feel adequately prepared for the subject matter, you can register to pass a DSST exam and immediately earn college credits. 

The University of La Verne wants you to succeed and allows you to accumulate up to 44 semester hours (almost two years) of credit through DSST exams. 


DSST Exams: The New Community College

University of La Verne Students discussing benefits of DSST exams.

DSST Exams Are The New Community College

Rather than attending community college and transferring credits to the University of La Verne, you can take DSST exams at your convenience and earn college credits towards your degree.

Working adults and students can take DSST exams during the week (or the weekends) to test out of general education courses they may have taken at a community college. 

DSST exams offer a fast way to test out of college courses by taking one final exam.

High School Students: Transfer to the University of Laverne as a Sophomore

Screenshot of University of La Verne's Online Tuition and Fees.

Skip a Year of College

High school students are afforded an incredible opportunity to take DSST exams, regardless of age or grade level. 

By successfully passing DSST exams, general education course requirements may be fulfilled ahead of time to allow a student to transfer to the University of La Verne as a second-year (sophomore) upon high school graduation. 

Testing Out Allows You To Focus on Your Major: 

DSST exams allow students to earn college credit and bypass introductory general education courses to move directly into the upper-division classes specific to their major.  

Take DSST exams during your high school years, allowing you to skip a year of traditional college courses.

3. DSST Exams Don’t Affect Your Grade Point Average (GPA) 

Student looking at University of La Vern's homepage on her desktop.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

There are no adverse effects of taking DSST exams.

DSST exams are graded as “Pass” or “Fail” and will not negatively affect your GPA.   

If you fail an exam, you can study harder and retest every 30 days until you pass.

You have nothing to lose and college credits to gain.

DSST are exams are a way to earn college credits without affecting your grade point average(GPA).

4. Take your DSST Exams at the University of La Verne or a Prometric Test Center

Screenshot of the Univesity of Lavern's campuses.

Testing Options

By taking DSST exams, University of La Verne students can earn college credit with ease and flexibility. 

With three testing options (A, B, and C) available, students can choose the most suitable option that fits their schedule.


Option A: Take Your DSST Exam at the University of La Verne

The University of La Verne advocates for students to take DSST exams and administers the proctored exams at several college campuses (see below). 

University of La Verne

2855 Michelle Drive, STE 250

Irvine, CA 92606

Contact: 714.534.4860  

University of La Verne

162 North Mugo Road

Nas Point Mugu, CA 93042

Contact: 805.986.6900  

*If you take your DSST exam at the University of La Verne campus, an additional administration fee will apply. 

Please ask your counselor for more details.


Option B: Take Your DSST Exam At A Physical Prometric Test Center 

You can easily schedule your DSST exam at any of the conveniently located Prometric test centers throughout the United States.

Pro Tip:

No additional campus administration fee is required.

You only pay the $100 DSST exam fee.


Option C: Take Your DSST Exam Online Remotely Through Prometric 

Schedule your DSST exam remotely from the comfort of your home and be monitored by a live proctor.

Pro Tip:

No additional campus administration fee is required.

You only pay the $100 DSST exam fee.


5. DSST Exams: Minimum Passing Requirements

Student reviewing the University of La Verne's hompage.

Easy Passing Requirements

DSST exams are designed to evaluate the existing knowledge of test-takers and are considered the easiest standardized exams to pass since all aspects are weighed equally.

The scoring criteria for DSST exams are relatively lenient, and you can score between 200 and 500 points. 

You must obtain a minimum passing score of 400 points or higher to earn college credit. 

DSST exams contain approximately 100 multiple-choice questions.  

To receive a passing score of 400 points, you must correctly answer around 58% to 62% of the questions.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Female student viewing homepage of University of La Verne on her desktop.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand the entire process.

How Will The University of La Verne Receive My DSST Exam Results? 

Graduate student from the Univesity of La Verne that used DSST exams to save money and accelerate her graduation date.

Institutional Score Recipient Code

Whether you take your exam at the University of Laverne, online or in person with Prometric, knowing your college or university's 4-digit school code and representing the Institutional Score Recipient Code is essential.

Testing at the University of La Verne

If you take your DSST exam at the University of La Verne campus, enter your score report code when registering (onsite). 

The University of La Verne will receive a complimentary copy of your exam scores from Prometric using their institution's 4-digit code.

Prometric will send your score report directly to the University of La Verne for free.

The processing time for the University of La Verne to receive the score report ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

Once the University of La Verne receives your score report, they will apply your units toward your degree program.

To ensure that the University of La Verne receives your passing score, you must provide the test center at the University of La Verne with the Institutional Score Recipient Code 9353

Testing at a Prometric Test Site

Prometric's College Student Website Homepage

Prometric Test Center:

If you take the exam at a Prometric test site (or remotely), the registration process will not allow you to enter your Institutional Score Recipient Code. 

Pro Tip:

You must follow up with Prometric so they can send the University of La Verne your exam results.

Once Prometric receives your Institutional Score Recipient Code, they will forward your exam results to the University of La Verne.

Pro Tip: Once you complete your exam, you must contact Prometric within two days of your exam date and verbally provide the code (9353) to the Prometric representative. 

Prometric’s Contact Information: 

Phone: (877) 471-9860


For detailed information about your exam results, please refer to our article:


Prometric Test Centers

For a list of Prometric test centers, click here.


Remote Testing

To take your exam remotely, click here.


What Classes Can I Test Out Of? 

Screenshot of other ways to earn credit at the University of La Verne.

General Education (Lower-Division) Courses

DSST exams are typically articulated (accepted) as lower-division credits, making them suitable for fulfilling general education requirements. 

The University of La Verne has set articulation guidelines determining which courses can be completed by DSST exams. 

Confirm all information with your Academic Counselor.

View the table below for a list of DSST exams and how they transfer to the University of La Verne.

Scroll through the table below.






Physical Science


Business Mathematics





Humanities/ Philosophy Religion



Fundamentals of College Algebra

Quantitative Reasoning



Social Science

Passing scores earn credit for ANTH 250.

Lifelong Wellness/ Fitness for Life

Must complete (1) physical activity course of .5 credits or greater to complete this GE requirement.







Humanities/ Philosophy Religion

Social Science/ Behavioral Science


Math for Liberal Arts

Quantitative Reasoning







Principles of Statistics

Quantitative Reasoning

Fulfills BUS 270


No credit if MGMT 300 was already completed.




No Duplication of Previously Completed Coursework 

To avoid duplicating any college courses, ensure that the DSST exams you plan to take cover subjects different from the ones you've already completed. 

You will not receive college credit if you complete coursework or an exam on the same subject material.

Lower-division credit will not be awarded if an upper-division course or exam in the same subject area has already been completed.

It would be best if you discussed your options with your academic advisor.


How Do I Get Started?

Male student finding ways to get started with DSST exams on the University of La Verne's website.

Start Now

DSST exams are a valuable tool for students to maximize their college experience. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to taking DSST exams at the University of La Verne.


Review La Verne's List of Accepted DSST Exams (see below). 

Accepted amount of DSST exams from the University of La Verne.

DSST Exams Accepted

The University of La Verne has a list of articulated DSST exams they accept for college credit. 

Check this list to see which DSST exams are appropriate options for you. 

You can find the list on the University of La Verne's website or click here.


Consult With Your Academic Advisor

University of La Verne academic counselor.

Academic Advisor

Before taking any DSST exam, discuss your options with your academic advisor. 

They can help you best determine which DSST exams align with your degree course plan and ensure that you do not duplicate any previously completed coursework or exams.


Submit a Transfer Credit Review Form (if needed).

University of La Verne's transfer credit review forms.

Transfer Credit Review Form

If you need further assistance verifying that there is no duplication, consider submitting a Transfer Credit Review Form to the university. 

This will help you to clarify any uncertainties. 


Prepare For Your DSST Exam

University of La Verne student preparing for a DSST exam.


Once you've identified the DSST exams that suit your academic criteria, you must prepare for the exams by studying relevant subject materials. 

While it is highly recommended to engage in active study for at least two to three weeks, some students may need less study time, while others require more time to absorb the information.    

We provide online courses and practice exams to help you study for your DSST exam so you are prepared on test day. 

Take a free practice exam to get a sneak peek of the content you might see on the exam.

After studying and completing your test preparation, take your final DSST exam as soon as possible while the information remains fresh in your memory.


Schedule And Take Your Final DSST Exam at the University of La Verne or a Prometric Test Center 

Students taking their DSST exam at a test center.

Final Exam

The University of La Verne allows students to test out of DSST exams at their onsite campuses.  

However, if you’re an online student or a campus is out of reach, you can take your exam at a Prometric test center.

Prometric test centers are conveniently located throughout the United States. 

You have the option to take your exam at a physical location or remotely online.


Apply Your Credits

Graduation class holding a diploma.

College Credits

Make sure your credits are applied towards your degree.

Ensure you’ve submitted Laverne's Institution Score Report Recient Code (9353) to Prometric. 

Once you pass your DSST exams, the credits you earn will be applied to your academic record at the University of La Verne.

By following these steps, you can fast-track your degree, save money, and get a head start on your academic studies. 



Female student smiling during graduation.

Final Thoughts

DSST exams offer a beneficial advantage for current and prospective University of La Verne students to earn college credits at their own time and convenience. 

We suggest consulting with your academic advisor to determine if you can test out of your lower-division general education courses to make the most of this opportunity.

Once approved, you can view our list of online preparation courses and start studying today, or take a free practice test to understand what to expect on your final exam. 

Utilizing DSST exams, you can reach your academic goals sooner than you imagined while saving time and money.



University of Laverne DSST Exam List
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