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How To Study For DSST Exams: Study Guide And Instructions

Updated: Sep 1

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Step One: Plan Your Study Schedule

  3. Step Two: Get Familiar With Your Preparation Course Platform

  4. Step Three: Focus Your Energy On Your Course Modules And Practice Exams

  5. Conclusion

  6. DSST Study Guides

  7. Student Resources


Are you ready to conquer your DSST exam with confidence? Look no further!

We at DSST Test Prep are here to guide you towards acing your DSST exam in three simple steps.

By following our DSST Study Guide and utilizing our study resources and tools, you'll be well-prepared to excel in your exam and save on tuition costs.

Let's embark on an exciting educational journey together!

Step One: Plan Your Study Schedule

Step One: Plan Your Study Schedule

To set the foundation for success, begin with a well-structured study schedule.

Here's how you can create a study plan tailored to your needs:

Allocate Study Days:

Decide how many days per week and specific times you can dedicate to studying.

Consistency is vital for adequate preparation.

Leverage Our Study Guides:

Download our three Study Guides, your roadmap to passing the DSST exam.

These guides list all the essential goals you must achieve before taking your final DSST exam.

Study Guide One: Monthly Overview Calendar

Study Guide One: Monthly Overview Calendar

Our Monthly Overview Calendar will be your trusty ally in planning your study days.

It outlines the tasks to be completed each month, helping you stay on track with your preparation.

Additionally, it provides reminders to find your test center and ensures a smooth transcript delivery process.

Study Guide Two: Course Modules

Study Guide Two: Course Modules

The Course Modules study guide acts as your personal journal to log completed courses and assess your content comprehension.

Using this guide, you'll build confidence in tackling every subject efficiently.

Study Guide Three: Practice Exams

Study Guide Three: Practice Exams

The Practice Exam guide is your ultimate test preparation tool.

It's highly recommended that you strive for a passing grade of at least 70% on all practice exams.

In case you fall short, don't worry.

You can retake the exam as many times as necessary until you achieve a score of 70% or higher. After that, you can move on to the next exam.

Just a quick reminder, your Practice Exams Module includes extra study materials to help you get comfortable with exam-format questions.

Why Choose Our Practice Exams?

Realistic Exam Experience:

Our practice exams mirror the format and subject matter of the actual DSST exams, giving you an authentic test-taking experience.

Boost Confidence:

Nothing boosts confidence like knowing you're well-prepared. Our practice exams help boost your self-assurance, so you can walk into the DSST exam room with your head held high.

Get Performance Feedback:

You get detailed feedback on your performance instantly, along with your score.

It is important to take the test consistently in order to improve your score.

Repetition and consistency will help you achieve success.

Step Two: Get Familiar With Your Preparation Course Platform

Step Two: Get Familiar With Your Preparation Course Platform

Now, let's move on to Step Two.

Familiarize yourself with our innovative preparation course platform, designed to suit your unique learning style.

Explore Your Modules And Practice Exams:

Our platform offers diverse modules and practice exams for each subject.

Browse through the materials to get an overview of what to expect.

Optimize Your Study Sessions:

The modules are designed for manageable study sessions, accommodating both micro and overnight cram sessions.

Tailor your study sessions to suit your preferences and schedule.

Step Three: Focus Your Energy On Your Course Modules And Practice Exams

Step Three: Focus Your Energy On Your Course Modules And Practice Exams

Here we are at the pinnacle of your preparation – Step Three!

Channel your energy into mastering your Course Modules and Practice Exams for ultimate success.

Understand The Exam Structure:

Your final DSST exam will have approximately 100 questions.

To earn college credit, you must meet or exceed the minimum passing score of 400.

The average number of questions you'll need to answer correctly on your final exam is between 55% and 65%.

By completing our prep course, you'll have mastered at least 300 questions and reviewed relevant content for your subject, increasing your chances of passing.

Scoring System Advantage:

DSST exams follow a "Criterion-Referenced" scoring system, where your knowledge is evaluated independently of others' performance.

This scoring method works in your favor, empowering you to excel in the exam.


As we conclude this journey, remember: you are capable, prepared, and destined for greatness!

Plan, review, and practice consistently with our study resources and tools.

Let's conquer the DSST exam together!

Your investment in yourself can lead to reduced tuition costs and less student debt.

Depending on your comfort with your course modules and practice exam scores, plan to study for at least two to three days.

To maximize your readiness, take your final DSST exam immediately after finishing your prep course.

Please download your study guides below.

For any questions or support, email us at, and we'll gladly assist you.

Thank you for your time, and happy testing!

DSST Study Guides

DSST Study Guide - Monthly Overview
Download PDF • 52KB

DSST Study Guide - Course Modules
Download PDF • 42KB

DSST Study Guide - Practice Exams
Download PDF • 57KB

Student Resources

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