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Arizona State University Students: Save $33,540 in Tuition with DSST Exams

Updated: May 30

Arizona State University Student viewing ASU homepage on Laptop.

Unlock Your Potential at Arizona State University

As an Arizona State University (ASU) student, you're on a path to success, but what if you could accelerate your journey?

Imagine graduating a year or two ahead of schedule, saving thousands in tuition fees, and embarking on your dream career sooner than anticipated.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it's not – thanks to DSST exams.

These exams offer a unique opportunity to bypass general education and elective courses, allowing you to earn credits toward your undergraduate degree without stepping foot in a classroom.

Fast-Track Your Way to Graduation

By taking advantage of DSST exams, you could save $33,540 in tuition fees and graduate up to two years faster than originally planned.

This comprehensive guide will unveil the numerous benefits of utilizing DSST exams at ASU, providing you with a roadmap to academic success and financial relief.


Table of Contents: 


Understanding DSST Exams - A Strategic Approach to Academic Advancement

ASU DSST (DANTES) Website Information showing Equivalency requirements.

DSST Exams

DSST (or DANTES [Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support] Subject Standardized Test) exams are available in elective course subjects that include Business, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technology. 

DSST exams offer a credit-by-examination program allowing test takers to demonstrate their proficiency in specific general education subjects without enrolling in traditional courses. 

Arizona State University recognizes the significance of DSST exams.

It enables students to receive credit for an Arizona State University course by taking a DSST examination instead of the actual course. 

Utilizing DSST exams, students may study the subject matter independently and take their exam once they feel prepared.

This flexible pathway allows for significant savings in tuition costs and saves time to graduate faster.   

ASU students have an incredible opportunity to test out of their general education courses with DSST exams. 

Arizona State University Tuition vs. DSST Exam Fees 

Arizona State University Student viewing ASU's Homepage on a tablet.

ASU's Cost of Attendance

Arizona State University students face an estimated annual Cost of Attendance that ranges between $11,308.00 to $29,438.00 and are actively seeking ways to reduce costs associated with tuition expenses.  

The cost associated with a 3-semester-hour unit general education class at Arizona State University is approximately $1,777.00.

The cost associated with a 3-semester hour unit general education DSST course exam is $100.00. 


Three (3) Semester Units Vs. DSST Exam Fees


Unit Type

Cost per Unit

Number of Units

Total Cost

Total Savings

Arizona State University Tuition:

Undergraduate General Elective Class


$592.33 (1 unit)



DSST Exam Fees:



$33.33 (1 unit)



Total Savings with DSST Exam


One Undergraduate General Elective Class at Arizona State University:

  • $592.33 (semester-hour) x 3 semester-hour units = $1,777.00 

One DSST exam awards credit for three (3) semester-hour units.

  • Regardless of residency status, a non-refundable $100.00 test fee is required to take the exam.

This substantial difference of $1,677.00 savings per class underscores the potential for Sun Devil’s to save on tuition costs.

Passing one DSST exam would save a student $1,677.00.

Tuition Savings: Full-Time Student

An undergraduate student's full-time course load schedule comprises roughly 15 units (5 classes) per semester. 

If a student were to complete five general education courses (15 semester-hour units) at Arizona State University, the cost of tuition would be approximately $8,885.00.

Let's view the potential savings below.


Fifteen (15) Semester Units Vs. DSST Exam Fees



Unit Cost (3)

# of Classes

Tuition Cost

DSST Exam Fees

Total Cost

Total Savings

Arizona State University







DSST Exams







Total Savings with DSST Exams


Utilizing DSST exams, a full-time ASU student can save $8,385.00 per semester ($16,770.00 yearly).  

Arizona State University Students: Accelerate Your Graduation

Screenshot of Arizona State University's DANTES/DSST Academic Catalog.

Graduate Faster

Students can complete general education courses at Arizona State University or fulfill the requirements at a community college and transfer the units to Arizona State University.

However, both options consume a premium of time and money.

Rather than enrolling in monthly semester-long classes, DSST exams offer a flexible and efficient way for Arizona State University students to fast-track their education and make graduating in three years or less a reality.

Utilizing DSST exams allows students to study independently, take one final DSST exam once they feel adequately prepared to pass, and test out to receive credit for elective course units.

ASU students can bypass 60 units of General Education Courses and save $33,540.00 while accelerating their progress toward higher-level classes.

ASU: What Classes Can I Test Out Of?

Screenshot of Arizona State University's DANTES/DSST Academic Catalog.

DSST Credit Articulation

Here are the undergraduate classes for which students may receive DSST credit and the examination articulation guidelines determining how credits are counted toward General Education requirements at Arizona State University.

DSST Course Exam

ASU Course Credit

DSST Course Credit

Elective credit

3 units

ARS 101 or 102

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

CRJ 100

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Elective credit

3 units


3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Elective credit

3 units


3 units

Elective credit

3 units

GCU 102

3 units

GLG 101

3 units


3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Math for Liberal Arts

MAT 142

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Elective credit

3 units

Principles of Statistics

STP 226

3 units

Elective credit

3 units


3 units


3 units

*Credit awarded as a department elective will display as DEC. A DEC course is not directly equivalent to a current ASU course but could be used for graduation requirements. 

Before taking any DSST exam, it is important to contact your academic advisor to discuss your options and confirm course credit for specific programs.

DSST Exam Credit Limits and Academic Planning at ASU

Arizona State University Credit by Examination Academic Catalog.

Credit By Examination

Before taking any DSST exam, students must consult their academic advisor to ensure alignment with their degree plan and avoid duplicating coursework.  

Credits may fulfill general education or elective requirements for graduation.

ASU students can earn up to 60 units for a baccalaureate degree through DSST exams. 

Pro Tip: Avoid Duplication and Regression

Students must plan with their academic advisor to determine how specific DSST exam courses may apply to their major and refer to the Transfer Credit Guide for equivalencies of exams taken outside of the current catalog year. 

To receive credit, Arizona State University must receive a score report or transcript showing their DSST exam results directly from Prometric.

Students may not receive credit for a prerequisite course if credit has already been given in a higher-level course within the same subject or has already been awarded from any other educational institution.

Maintain Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Arizona State University Student viewing ASU's Transfer Guide.

Grade Point Average

DSST passing scores earn college credit without impacting your grade point average (GPA), and students who fail to pass on a first attempt may retest after 30 days until they successfully pass.

A score of 400 points is required to pass your DSST exam.

There are about 100 multiple-choice questions, and approximately 58% to 62% must be answered correctly to receive a passing score.

DSST exams allow test takers 90 minutes, and examinees should allocate 2 hours for the entire appointment.

With lenient scoring criteria, DSST exams are a desirable option for students who seek to accelerate acquiring undergraduate elective credits.

DSST exams don't affect your GPA.

Where Can I Take My DSST Exam?

FAU's DSST test center proctor assisting a student.

Testing Options

You have three choices for where to take your DSST exam:

  1. At Arizona State University's test center.

  2. At a Prometric test center.

  3. Remotely online with Prometric.

Let's discuss all three testing options and learn how ASU will receive your DSST exam results.

Arizona State University's Test Center: DSST Exam Testing

Arizona State University's DSST Test Center Information.

Arizona State University Testing Services

Arizona State University accommodates DSST exams with proctored testing on campus at the Testing Office located at:

Arizona State University Testing Services

1130 E. University Drive, Suite 204

Tempe, AZ 85288



Test Center And Exam Details

DSST exams last 90 minutes, and examinees should allocate 2 hours for the entire appointment.

Scores can be printed immediately post-exam, and official results are mailed to Arizona State University.

Registration and Exam Fees

The total cost of DSST exams is $135.00, divided into a non-refundable and non-transferrable $35.00 registration fee payable to ASU and a $100.00 exam fee payable to DSST.

You must pay the $100.00 DSST exam fee on the exam day using a credit card.

Accepted payment types include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

Cash or check payments cannot be accepted.

Walk-ins are not allowed.


Arizona State University's DSST Exam Registration Form.

Exam Registration

Registration fees are non-refundable, and rescheduling requires a new $35.00 registration fee.

If you don't pass on your first attempt, you must wait 30 days before retaking the same DSST exam.


Test Day

All test takers must check in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment test time and present a non-expired government-issued ID containing a current photo and signature (e.g., driver's license, state-issued identification card, passport, or military identification card).

Without proper identification, you will not permitted to take your DSST exam.


ASU Test Center: Score Results

Prometric DSST test registration screen
ASU Test Center: DSST Exam Registration

Test Day

On the day of your exam, you must register for your DSST exam at the test center and input

ASU's 4-digit Institutional Score Recipient Code.

Entering the correct Institutional Score Report Code will ensure that a complimentary transcript of your exam score is sent to Arizona State University.


UArizona's Institutional Score Report Recipient Code

Prometric DSST Score Report Code Tutorial Showing where to input the school code.
Enter ASU's Institutional Score Report Recipient code (9943).

Score Report Code

Failure to enter the correct Institutional Score Report Code for your school will delay the transmittal of your exam results and may result in an additional cost for a transcript.

The Institutional Score Report Recipient Code for Arizona State University is 9943.

You must enter the correct Institutional Score Report Code to ensure your official score report is sent directly to Florida Atlantic University.

 In the case of a retake, there is a mandatory waiting period of 30 calendar days, starting from the day after the initial test date. 

On the day of your scheduled exam, you must register at the test center and input Arizona State University's Institutional Score Recipient Code: 9943.

This will ensure that a complimentary transcript of your exam score is sent to Arizona State University.

Failure to provide the Institutional Score Report Recipient Code (9943) may incur additional fees for transcripts.


Arizona State University's Test Center: Military Members

Arizona State University Homepage.

Active military members, spouses, and specific civilian employees may have fees waived for particular exams.  

The military ID, specifically the Common Access Card (CAD), must indicate membership in the "Armed Forces of the United States."

Eligible Civil Service personnel must provide a current Armed Forces of the United States Card and one additional state or government picture ID with a signature (state driver’s license or a valid passport).

DoD Acquisition Personnel should present a current Armed Forces of the United States Common Access Card and one additional state or government picture identification with a signature (state driver’s license

or a valid passport).

Eligible Spouses must provide a current United States Uniformed Services ID card.

Military Members: Do not register online, as this process will not waive your administrative fee. Please call the testing center directly at (480) 965-7146 to schedule accommodations for complimentary DSST exams.

Prometric Test Centers: Registration Process

Computer room for DSST Exams.

Prometric Test Centers

You can take your DSST exam at ASU or at a Prometric test center.

You can schedule and take your DSST exam at any Prometric test center strategically positioned across the United States.

When enrolling for a DSST exam, you can choose between two options:

  1.  Attend the exam at a physical Prometric brick-and-mortar test center.

  2. Opt for a remote exam through Prometric.

Each option has unique advantages; you can easily schedule your exam online for added convenience.

Let's explore both.

Pro Tip:

If you take your DSST exam at ASU's campus test center, you will be charged an administration fee of $35.00. 

However, if you take your exam off-campus at a Prometric test center or online remotely, you will only pay the DSST exam fee of $100.00.

Most Prometric test centers don't charge an additional administration fee.


Prometric Test Centers: Take Your DSST Exam in Person

Prometric Proctor for DSST Exams. Showing a student how to take the test.

In-Person Assistance

To schedule and register for your DSST exam in person, you must first locate a nearby testing center and reserve your appointment online.

Arrive Early

On the day of your exam, to ensure a smooth check-in process, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early with proper forms of required identification.

For a list of test Prometric test centers, click here.

Prometric Remote Proctoring: Take Your DSST Exam Remotely

Student taking a DSST exam remotely.

Take Your Exam Online 

You can take your DSST exam online remotely from your personal computer.

A live proctor will monitor you throughout your exam.

Schedule your reservation to sign up for your DSST exam from the comfort of your own home.

Pick the subject you'd like to test in, choose a suitable test date, and pay the exam fee online.

It's a convenient and straightforward process.

To schedule and take your exam remotely, please view our post below.


Prometric Test Centers: How will Arizona State University Receive My DSST Exam Results?

Arizona State University students raising graduation caps in the air.

Institutional Score Recipient Code

Whether you opt for an online or in-person DSST exam, knowing your college or university's 4-digit Institutional Score Recipient Code is essential.

ASU will receive a complimentary copy of your exam scores from Prometric using their designated institution's 4-digit score recipient code.

Prometric will send your score report directly to ASU for free.

The processing time for ASU to receive the score report ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

Once Arizona State University receives your score report, they will apply your units toward your degree program.

Arizona State University's Institutional Score Recipient Code is 9943.

Prometric Exam Results: You Must Follow Up with Prometric

Student calling Prometric

Contact Prometric

Currently, Prometric doesn't allow you to input your Institutional Score Recipient Code during registration.

Until this feature is available, you must contact them directly for assistance.

Be sure to contact Prometric within two days after taking your exam and provide them with your four-digit institutional score recipient code. 


Contact Prometric at:

Toll Free: 1-877-471-9860


For more details, view our blog:

Pro Tip: To expedite the processing of your college credits, contact Prometric two days after your exam, providing them with your university's Institutional Score Recipient Code (ASU: 9943 ).
If you want ASU to receive your exam results, ensure you provide your 4-digit code to Prometric each time you take a DSST exam.

How Do I Get Started?

Student viewing Arizona State University's DSST Credit By Examination Policies.

Four Easy Steps

Ready to take the first step towards graduating sooner and saving big?

Here's how to get started with DSST exams at ASU:

  • Consult Your Academic Advisor: Schedule a meeting with your academic counselor to discuss your eligibility for DSST exams. They'll help you identify which general education or elective courses you can potentially test out of, ensuring you're on the right track from the get-go.

  • Prepare Like a Pro: Treat your DSST exam like the final exam it is. Dedicate 1-2 weeks to studying practice exams and reviewing key terms and concepts. Mastering the material is crucial to earning those coveted college credits.

  • Schedule Your Exam: Once you're feeling confident, it's time to schedule your DSST exam. You can take it right on ASU's campus, at a convenient Prometric testing center, or even remotely if that suits your lifestyle better.

  • Pass and Celebrate: Test your knowledge and pass your DSST exam with flying colors. Each successful attempt means more credits towards your degree and a step closer to that long-awaited graduation day.

With determination and the right strategy, you'll be well on your way to fast-tracking your academic journey at ASU. Embrace the opportunity to save time and money while propelling yourself towards your goals.



Arizona State University Admissions Page.

Final Thoughts

For current and prospective Arizona State University students, pursuing an undergraduate degree is undoubtedly accompanied by financial hurdles.

DSST exams allow prospective students to earn college units before attending ASU, allowing them to enter as second, or third-year students.

Current students can save on tuition and accelerate their graduation date.

DSST exams accommodate the needs of busy students and cater to both in-person and online learners.

We delved into the myriad benefits of utilizing DSST exams to strategically bypass and test out of general education courses, ultimately paving the way for a more cost-effective and efficient journey toward earning valuable credits at Arizona State University.

Embracing DSST exams is not just an intelligent academic choice; it's a key to unlocking a swifter and more economical route to achieving your educational goals.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at

We wish you the best of luck on your DSST exams!


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