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When Should I Consider Ordering A DSST Transcript?

Updated: Feb 21

When Should I Consider Ordering A DSST Transcript?

DSST Transcripts

If you've successfully completed a DSST exam, obtaining a transcript of your test scores is a pivotal step toward earning credit for your college coursework.

A DSST exam transcript is an official record showcasing your proficiency in a specific subject to colleges and universities.

Please remember that if you request a score report from Prometric, your institution will receive your results for free.

For more details, please read:

This blog will provide comprehensive insights into ordering your DSST exam transcript, shedding light on the optimal times to secure this valuable document.


Understanding a DSST Exam Transcript

Tablet showing how to order DSST transcripts.

Understanding Your Transcript

A DSST exam transcript is a certified record detailing your test scores for the DSST exams you've undertaken.

This document includes vital information such as the exam name, completion date, and the corresponding scores.

You can request an official transcript sent directly to an educational institution or order a personal copy for your records.


When Should You Consider Ordering a DSST Transcript?

A student ordering official DSST exam transcripts laying down.

When To Order a Transcript

Several scenarios warrant the need to order a DSST exam transcript:

Institutional Requests:

If your educational institution demands an official sealed transcript of your DSST exams, this may be a prerequisite for college admissions or transferring credits to another school.

Personal Records:

Ordering a transcript for your records is beneficial.

It aids in monitoring your academic progress and ensures accurate documentation of your exam scores.


How to Proceed with Ordering a DSST Exam Transcript

A student ordering her official DSST exam transcripts.

Transcript Instructions

For detailed steps on ordering your DSST exam transcript, refer to our dedicated blog:

This resource provides a step-by-step guide to facilitate a smooth and efficient process tailored to your needs.

In conclusion, ordering a DSST transcript can be a beneficial step in your academic journey, especially if you've taken DSST exams and want to transfer credit to another institution or if your institution requests an official copy.

By understanding the process of ordering a DSST transcript and its potential benefits, you can make informed decisions about how to leverage your DSST exam scores for your academic and professional goals.


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