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What Is The DSST 30-Day Retest Policy, And How Could It Affect Me?

Updated: Feb 20

Two students waiting to retake their DSST exams after the 30-Day waiting period is over.

The 30-Day Retest Policy

Are you planning to retake a DSST exam but need clarification on the waiting period?

Here's what you need to know.

The DSST program has a 30-day waiting period before you can retake any exam.

For Example

If you fail Introduction to World Religions, you must wait 30 days to retake the Introduction to World Religions exam.

You can take any other DSST exam as long as you haven't failed that exam within the past 30 days.

Plan Your Retakes Carefully

If you're planning to retake a DSST exam, make sure to wait at least 30 days from the date you took your previous exam.

This will ensure your scores are valid and you receive the credit you deserve.


Prepare and Strategize

Plan your DSST exam retakes carefully, and remember to adhere to the 30-day waiting period.

With the proper preparation and a clear strategy, you can ace your DSST exams and achieve your academic goals.


Our Support

To help you prepare and maximize your chances of passing, we offer a wide range of study resources and support services.

Whether you're a first-time test-taker or planning to retake an exam, we've got you covered.


Take Action

Don't let the 30-day waiting period prevent you from achieving your academic goals.

Start preparing today, and when you're ready, retake your DSST exam with confidence!


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