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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Academic Counselor Before Taking Any DSST Exam

Updated: Feb 20

DSST Exams

You're considering taking a DSST exam but unsure if it's the right decision.

With over 30 business, math, science, and social sciences exams, the DSST program offers college credit for learning that you've already mastered.

However, deciding to take a DSST exam is just the first step.

The next step is figuring out which exam is suitable for you.

That's where your academic counselor comes in.

We've outlined the top five questions you should ask your academic counselor before taking any DSST exam.

Your counselor can help you choose the proper test and give you tips on preparing for it.


Table of Contents


1. Does my institution accept DSST exams?

Does my institution accept DSST exams?
Does my institution accept DSST exams?

DSST Exam Articulation Agreement

It's essential to verify whether your institution accepts DSST exams.

Over 1200 colleges and universities accept DSST exams.

Some have restrictions on the total amount of credits accepted.

To ensure the exam you plan to take aligns with your curriculum needs and will be accepted by your institution, ask what specific DSST exams are accepted.

Checking with your academic advisor or the institution's Registrar can clarify these matters.


2. How Many Units Will Your Institution Accept?

Check with your institution to see if they accept DSST exams and what limit there is for acceptance.
How many DSST exam units will your institution accept?

DSST Units

Many institutions that accept DSST examinations have fixed criteria for a certain number of credit units you may test out.

For example, one university may restrict your units to 30, whereas another might allow you to accumulate 60.

You must check with the institution you're interested in to understand their specific credit transfer policies.


3. Which Specific DSST Exams Can You Take?

Remember to develop a testing exam strategy.
Which specific DSST exams can you take?

Course Equivalencies

Every school has criteria for recognizing DSST units and how they apply to degree requirements.

It's crucial to consult your academic advisor to avoid regression or duplication of your DSST exams.

They can direct you to the institution's "Course Equivalencies," which detail the DSST examinations eligible for your degree.


Develop a Testing Exam Strategy

Remember to develop a testing exam strategy.

Download our  Student Strategy Forms to formulate a plan that spreads your studies over appropriate weeks based on the available study time.


DSST Student Strategy Forms

Review your Student Strategy Forms with your academic counselor and maintain them for your records. Have a visual guide of what's needed to complete your degree.

4. What Is My Institutional Score Recipient Code?

What is my institutional score recipient code?
What is my institutional score recipient code?

Institutional Score Recipient Code

Before taking your DSST exam, confirm your university or college's Institutional Score Recipient Code with your academic counselor.

This unique four-digit code is specific to each institution.


Avoiding Score Delay

Errors in entering your Institutional Score Recipient Code during registration can delay receiving your scores.

Double-check the institutional codes before submitting any information to prevent this from happening.


5. How Long Will It Take My Institution To Receive My Score Report?

 How long will it take for my institution to receive my score report?
How long will it take for my institution to receive my score report?

Score Report

After you've taken a DSST exam, it's essential to check with your school within 90 days to verify that your scores were received.

This timeframe allows processing and ensures that any necessary follow-up can be completed promptly.

If there are any issues or delays with your score report, contacting your school promptly can help resolve them efficiently.



Student waiting to speak with her counselor about DSST exams.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Academic Counselor Before Taking Any DSST Exam

In conclusion, before taking any DSST exam, it's essential to communicate with your academic counselor.

By asking the right questions, you can ensure you're making informed decisions aligning with your academic goals.

Your counselor can provide valuable insights into exam selection, credit transfer policies, and study strategies, ultimately helping you maximize your DSST exam experience.

So, don't hesitate to schedule a meeting and maximize your academic journey with DSST exams.

For personalized guidance and support tailored to your DSST exam preparation, contact us at

Our team is here to assist you in navigating exam selection, study strategies, and any other questions you may have.

Your academic success is our priority, so contact us today for expert assistance!


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