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Does My School Accept DSST Exams?

Updated: Feb 21

Academic Catalog

DSST Exams

DSST exams, also known as DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, offer a unique opportunity for individuals to earn college credit for knowledge acquired outside the traditional classroom setting.

However, not all schools accept DSST exams for credit.

If you're considering taking a DSST exam, it's essential to determine whether your school accepts these exams and how they can be applied to your degree program.


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Academic Catalog

Make graduation student at graduation ceremony.

Online Academic Catalog

One way to find out if your school will give you credit for a DSST exam is to check your school's online academic catalog.

Your school's academic catalog is one of the best places to start your research.

The academic catalog contains detailed information about the school's policies and procedures, including its policy on accepting DSST exams for credit.

Look for a section on transfer credit or alternative credit options to see if DSST exams are mentioned.

If the catalog mentions credits earned by DSST (DANTES) exams, then the institution will likely accept them for credit.

Contact your Registrar's Office or Academic Counselor

Contact your Registrar's Office or Academic Counselor

Academic Counselor

If you can't find the information you need in the academic catalog, the next step is to contact your school's registrar's office or academic counselor.

These offices are responsible for handling transfer credit evaluations and can provide you with specific information about how DSST exams are accepted at your school.

When contacting these offices, be prepared to provide them with the following information:

  • The title of the DSST exam you plan to take

  • The name of your degree program

This information will help them determine whether the DSST exam is an acceptable form of credit for your program.

The best way to determine if your institution accepts DSST examinations is to talk with an academic counselor.

Check with your college's office of credit-for-prior-learning, advising center, or Registrar to find out how the school handles DSST examinations.

If your school does accept DSST exams for credit, talk with an academic advisor or someone from the Registrar's Office about how to get started earning credits through DSST.

Ask what requirements are necessary to use the exams toward a degree program at that institution.

Knowing which exams they accept and how to apply them toward a degree will save you valuable time in the long run.

The student must ensure that scores arrive at your school promptly for credit to be awarded.

Institutional Score Report Recipient Code

Look it up on the DSST website.

 Score Report Recipient Code

When you're ready to take a DSST exam, you must know your school's 4-digit institutional score report recipient code.

This code ensures that your exam scores are sent directly to your school's registrar's office or academic counselor.

We aim to provide you with an extensive list of national institutions in the United States that accept DSST exams and their corresponding 4-digit Institutional Score Report Recipient codes.

View our blog:

We've updated our list of academic institutions that accept credit for DSST exams.

However, an institution may update its data without informing us.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to contact your school's registrar's office or academic counselor to confirm the correct 4-digit Institutional Score Report Recipient code.

Credit for Prior Learning policies vary from school to school, so you must understand your school's policies before taking a DSST exam.

By taking the time to research whether or not your school accepts DSST exams, you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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