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Does my school accept DSST exams?

Updated: Sep 1

You've heard about DSST exams and how they can save you time and money on your college education, but you're still determining if your school accepts them for credit.

You don't want to spend time and money on an exam your school won't accept.

Most of the approximately 1,200 DANTES testing centers are located at colleges and universities.

This article provides three methods to help you find out whether or not your institution allows DSST (DANTES) examinations.

Table of Contents

  1. Academic Catalog

  2. Contact your Registrar's Office or Academic Counselor

  3. Look it up on the DSST website

Academic Catalog.

Academic Catalog

One way to find out if your school will give you credit for a DSST exam is to check your school's online academic catalog.

If the catalog mentions credits earned by DSST (DANTES) exams, then the school will likely offer them credit.

Contact your Registrar's Office or Academic Counselor.

Contact your Registrar's Office or Academic Counselor

The best approach to finding out if your institution accepts DSST examinations is to talk with an academic counselor.

Check with your college's office of credit-for-prior-learning, advising center, or Registrar to find out how the school handles DSST examinations.

Please ensure you have the correct DSST exam codes to ensure your schools accept your credit.

If your school does accept DSST exams for credit, talk with an academic advisor or someone from the Registrar's office about how to get started earning credits through DSST.

Ask what requirements are necessary to use the exams toward a degree program at that institution.

Knowing which exams they accept and how to apply them toward a degree will save you valuable time in the long run.

It's the student's responsibility to ensure that scores arrive at your school promptly for credit to be awarded.

Look it up on the DSST website.

Look it up on the DSST website.

Search DSST's site for a list of schools that accept DSST units:

In conclusion, the best way to see if your school will accept DSST exams for credit is to check the academic catalog, contact the Registrar or academic advisor, or look it up on the DSST website.

Credit for Prior Learning policies vary from school to school, so you must understand your school's policies before taking a DSST exam.

By taking the time to research whether or not your school accepts DSST exams, you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

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