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Who Can Earn College Credit With DSST Exams?

Updated: Nov 19

DSST students are located across the world

DSST exams, initially designed for military personnel, now welcome a diverse range of candidates, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional college courses.

Candidates for DSST Exams

  • Active-duty military service members

  • Veterans and dependents

  • Traditional and returning college students

  • Online students

  • High School students

  • Homeschooled students

  • Applicants for master's degree programs looking to fulfill undergraduate prerequisites

  • Students that need upper-division, lower-division, or elective units

Active-duty Military Service Members, Veterans, and Dependents.

military members

Active-duty military service members, veterans, and dependents often take DSST exams to fulfill degree requirements.

Deployment or other obligations may make it difficult for military students to attend classes regularly.

DSST exams allow these students to earn college credit remotely or at a local test site, even if they cannot take a traditional course.


Traditional and Returning College Students

students in a library

Traditional and returning college students can use DSST exams to earn credits or fulfill degree requirements.

Students can test out of their general education requirements and should consult their academic counselor for guidance.


Online Students

dsst online students studying together

Online students may find that DSST exams offer a flexible way to earn college credit.

These exams can be taken at a convenient time and place for the student, making it easy to fit them into a busy schedule.


DSST exams are less expensive than some college courses.

High School and Homeschooled Students.

Homeschooled students or high schoolers can use these tests to earn credits faster without the usual expenditure of formal education programs.

Applicants for Master's Degree Programs Looking to Fulfill Undergraduate Prerequisites.

student studying on laptop for his dsst exams

Suppose you are applying for a master's degree, looking to fulfill undergraduate prerequisites or need extra units for upper-division, lower-division, or electives. In that case, you can take the DSST exams.

The DSST is a standardized test that many people can use for many reasons.

DSST exams are an excellent way for many students to earn college credit.

These exams are convenient, flexible, and can be taken at a time and place that works for you.

So if you are looking for an alternative to traditional classes, DSST exams might be the right choice for you!

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