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Who Can Earn College Credit With DSST Exams?

Updated: Feb 21

DSST student holding degree.

DSST Exams

DSST exams, formerly known as the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, are a series of standardized tests that assess a person's knowledge in various college-level subjects.

These exams are recognized by colleges and universities across the United States as a way to earn college credit for knowledge acquired outside the traditional classroom setting.

Originally designed for military personnel, DSST exams are now open to a wide range of candidates, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional college courses.


Benefits of DSST Exams

Arizona State University Cap, Gown and diploma on the bed.

DSST exams offer several benefits to individuals looking to earn college credit. One of the primary benefits is the ability to save time and money.

Passing a DSST exam allows candidates to earn college credit without enrolling in and completing a traditional college course.

This can significantly reduce the time it takes to earn a degree and lower the overall cost of tuition and other associated expenses.

Another benefit of DSST exams is flexibility.

These exams can be taken at any time and at a location that is convenient for the candidate.

This flexibility allows individuals to earn college credit while balancing other commitments such as work and family responsibilities.

Additionally, DSST exams offer a way for candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a particular subject area.

This can be especially beneficial for individuals who have acquired knowledge through work experience, military service, or self-study and want to receive college credit for their expertise.


Who Can Benefit From DSST Exams?

DSST exams are open to a wide range of candidates, including:

Active-duty Military Service Members

military members in formation.

Active-duty military service members, veterans, and dependents often take DSST exams to fulfill degree requirements.

Deployment or other obligations may make it difficult for military students to attend classes regularly.

Active-duty military service members can benefit from DSST exams by earning college credit for their knowledge acquired through military training and experience.

This can assist individuals in achieving their educational goals while serving in the military.


Veterans and Dependents

A veteran and dependants standing in the doorway of a house.

Veterans and their dependents can also benefit from DSST exams by using them to earn college credit for their military experience.

This can be especially helpful for veterans transitioning to civilian life and wanting to further their education.


Traditional and Returning College Students

students in a library

Traditional college students can use DSST exams to earn college credit and accelerate their degree completion.

These exams can also be beneficial for returning college students who are looking to earn credit for knowledge acquired outside the classroom.

Students can inquire with their academic counselor if they are eligible to test out of their general education requirements.

Online Students

dsst online students studying together

DSST exams can help online students earn college credit, making it a more affordable and quicker way to meet degree requirements.

These exams can be taken at a convenient time and place for the student, making it easy to fit them into a busy schedule.


High School Students

High school student studying for a DSST exam.

High schoolers can earn college credit using DSST exams, giving them a head start on their tuition costs.


Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled student studying for DSST exams.

Homeschooled students can benefit from DSST exams by earning college credit for their homeschool curriculum.

This can provide them with a pathway to higher education that recognizes their academic achievements.


Applicants for Master's Degree Programs

Student smiling in graduation gown.

Applicants for master's degree programs can use DSST exams to fulfill undergraduate prerequisites.

This can help them meet the requirements for admission to a master's degree program and advance their careers.


Students in Need of Lower-Division or Elective Units

student studying on laptop for his dsst exams

Students who need lower-division or elective units can use DSST exams to earn college credit in these areas.

This can help them meet the requirements for their degree program and graduate on time.

In conclusion, DSST exams offer a flexible and cost-effective way for a wide range of individuals to earn college credit.

Whether you're a military service member, veteran, traditional college student, or someone looking to further your education, DSST exams can help you achieve your academic goals.

DSST exams allow these students to earn college credit remotely or at a local test site, even if they cannot take a traditional course.

By earning college credit through DSST exams, you can save time and money while demonstrating your knowledge and skills in a particular subject area.

So if you are looking for an alternative to traditional classes, DSST exams might be the right choice for you!


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