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Are DSST Exams Hard To Pass?

Updated: Feb 19

Student studying for her DSST exam.

Understanding DSST Exams

DSST exams, or DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, are a series of exams designed to assess your knowledge in various college-level subjects.

These exams can be a great way to earn college credit for subjects you know well, saving you time and money on your degree.

But are DSST exams hard to pass?

Let's dive into the factors that can influence your success.


Factors Affecting Difficulty

Student studying DSST TEST PREP course modules.

Are DSST Exams Hard To Pass?

One of the most significant factors in determining whether a DSST exam is challenging for you will be your familiarity with the subject matter.

You may find the exam easier to pass if you have a strong background in the subject through previous coursework or work experience.

For example, if you're in law enforcement, DSST Introduction to Law Enforcement may be easier for you to pass than someone with no experience in the field.

However, if the subject is entirely new, you may need to dedicate more time to studying and preparing.

The best way to ensure a passing grade is to study and review the material thoroughly before taking the exam.

Before taking the test, you must study the most basic and advanced concepts.

Study Habits

Student applying practical knowledge to DSST exams.


Like any standardized test, success on a DSST exam often depends on how well you prepare.

Those who establish effective study habits, such as creating a study schedule, using study guides, and taking practice exams, tend to perform better on tests.

Consistent and focused studying can make a significant difference in your results.

With the proper preparation, you can pass your DSST exam with flying colors!

Test-Taking Skills

Students taking practice exams for their DSST exams.

DSST Practice Exams

Your ability to perform well under pressure and effectively answer test questions can impact your success on a DSST exam.

DSST exams will test you on material equivalent to an entire college semester of coursework.

You will be given 2 hours to complete the exam.

With proper preparation, you will increase your odds of passing.

Practice exams are a must.

This will alleviate some stress to allow for enough time to retain the material and allow some flexibility with your schedule.

Utilizing available resources can also play a role in your success. We offer detailed study guides and practice exams that can help you prepare.

Familiarizing yourself with the exam format, practicing time management, and staying calm during the test can improve your chances of passing.

We highly suggest a self-paced study plan of 2-3 weeks of practice for proper preparation.

Personal Factors

Student studying for her DSST exam in a park setting.

Stay Motivated

Personal factors, such as your motivation, determination, and overall mindset, can influence your performance on a DSST exam.

Maintaining a positive attitude, staying motivated, and setting realistic goals can help you stay focused and committed to your preparation.

So, are DSST exams hard to pass? The answer depends on various factors, including your familiarity with the subject matter, study habits, test-taking skills, resource utilization, and personal factors.

With thorough preparation and dedication, many students find DSST exams manageable and passable.

Please contact us if you need any assistance.

We'll be happy to assist you in any way we can!

Success on these exams is about how well you prepare and apply yourself.


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