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How Can I View My DSST Exam Results?

Updated: Feb 15

Two women sitting at a table discussing exam results.

DSST Exam Results

In this article, we'll provide detailed instructions on how to view and print your DSST exam results.


Paper-Based Testing

For those who opt for a paper-based DSST exam, anticipate receiving your results via mail within 90 days of the examination date.

Please be aware that the results could take up to three months to reach your institution.


Online Testing

If you take your DSST exam online, your results will be instantly accessible upon completion. 

Opting for the online exam ensures a quicker turnaround and offers a more straightforward process for retrieving your results.

The method for viewing your results depends on how you registered for your exam (see below).

Registration Through Prometric TC Net

If you took your exam at a college or university, you registered through Prometric TC Net.

You can log in to your account anytime and view or print your score results and exam fee receipt.


Prometric TC Net: Your login screen should look like this (see below). 

Desktop showing Prometric TC Net website.

View Results

In this scenario, you’ll log into your student account. 

Locate and select the “View Results” tab to view your completed DSST exams, scores, and test fees. 


Registration Through Prometric

If you took your exam at a Prometric test center or remotely online, you registered through Prometric


Prometric: Your registration screen should look like this (see below). 

Desktop showing Prometric College Student DSST exam registration website.

Registration Through Prometric's Website

In this scenario, you can obtain a copy of your results by logging into the Prometric Report Validation Portal. 

You’ll be able to view and print your exam results. 


Prometric Report Validation Portal: Your login screen should look like this (see below). 

Desktop showing Prometric Validation Portal login website.

Registration Confirmation Number

Input your 16-character Registration Confirmation Number and last name. 

You’ll then have access to your exam results and details of your score.



Student graduating.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, viewing your DSST exam results is a simple process.

Prometric is the testing provider for DSST exams and is responsible for delivering and scoring DSST exams.

If you have any questions or concerns about your DSST exam results, please contact Prometric or your institution for assistance.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions; we are happy to assist you.


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